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Chapter 738: Was That You

My name is Chu Sheng.

Thank you and Your Friend for your help.

Dont worry, that man wont come and find trouble with me.

Im deeply sorry for disturbing your meal.

The girls handwriting couldnt be described as delicate and pretty.

Instead, it gave off a feeling of grandeur.

Jiang Yao recalled that up until now, the girl had never shown any signs of panic or sadness.

It could be imagined that this girl was quite daring.

“Youre too kind.”Jiang Yao returned the notebook to her.

Chu Sheng did not write anymore.

Instead, he smiled at Jiang Yao, revealing her two sweet dimples.

Then, he signaled her to leave.

Zhou weiqi jumped back after the fight and asked casually, “Do you want me to send you off”

Chu Sheng shook his head and refused.

Then, he turned around and prepared to leave.

However, no one expected that Chen Xuyao, who had been silent all this time, would suddenly reach out and grab Chu Sheng.

He suddenly asked, “Is it you”

It was just a short sentence.

However, the people who heard it felt that Chen Xuyao had used all his strength to ask this question.

The veins on his hand that was grabbing Chu Sheng bulged.

It could be seen how much strength he had used to pull Chu Sheng.

His other hand was propped on the table.

His entire body was still sitting in the same position.

However, his eyes.., were filled with gloom.

This was the Chen Xuyao that Jiang Yao had never seen before, the other Chen Xuyao who seemed to have suddenly escaped from the sunlight and fallen into the Devil Path.

Chu Sheng was shocked.

She snapped back to her senses and quickly shook off the man who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and asked a question.

Then, she looked at the people beside her with a puzzled look.

She saw that they were the same as her and had a puzzled look on their faces, she then shook her head at the man who was sitting and said with her lips, “Sir, I dont know you.”Then, she turned around and left.

After they left, Zhou weiqi patted Chen Xuyaos shoulder.

“Old five, what happened to you You gave that female boss a fright just now.”

After a few seconds, Chen Xuyao finally reacted.

He shook his head and said, “Nothing much.

You guys eat.

I remembered that I still have something to do at the company.

Ill leave first.”

Without giving everyone time to react, Chen Xuyao got up and left.

“Did Laowu eat something wrong I almost thought he was possessed by a ghost.”Zhou weiqi sat back in his chair and muttered.

Luo ruoran nodded and agreed, “I was also shocked.”

Jiang Yao also had a deep feeling about this.

When Chen Xuyao pulled the girl named Chu Sheng, his expression really made Jiang Yao feel very scared.

“Sit down and eat.”Liang Yueze pulled Luo Ruoran back to the chair and filled a bowl of soup for her.

Luo Ruoran rolled her eyes.

“Will you die if you dont Yell at me for a day”But she still sat back down obediently.

She took the Soup Liang Yueze handed her and drank two mouthfuls before putting it back.

Liang Yueze acted as if he didnt hear her.

He sat there and poured some fruit juice for Luo Ruoran with a natural expression.

Obviously, this was the normal way for couples to get along.

Both of them were used to it.

After dinner, Zhou weiqi sent Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao to the airport before returning to Jin city.

Because she slept until noon in the morning, Jiang Yao was in high spirits after boarding the plane.

She sat in the first-class cabin and nestled in Lu Xingzhis arms as if she had no bones.

He seemed to be resting with his eyes closed.

She wanted to speak, she did not know if it would disturb his rest, so before she spoke, she raised her hand and waved it in front of his eyes.

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