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Chapter 736: Quarreling

“Eat your food.”Lu Xingzhi, the good husband, was indeed in a good mood at the moment.

His handsome eyebrows and dark eyes were tinged with a faint gentleness.

Seeing that Jiang Yaos smile was already somewhat embarrassed, Lu Xingzhi picked up a piece of braised pork and stuffed it into Chen Xuyaos mouth to shut his noisy mouth.

Zhou weiqi, on the other hand, sat at the side, silently wanting to cry but no tears came.

So, he still did not learn anything, and his mouth was forcefully stuffed with dog food, right

“Oh right, brother haoyu has been in Nanjiang city recently”Luo Ruoran was drinking her soup while muttering about her recent time, and then she felt a little regretful, “I dont seem to have time to go to Nanjiang city to play with brother Haoyu recently.

I wonder how long brother Haoyu will be back this time, and if he will come back to the capital to visit me.”

“Second brother should be staying in Nanjiang city for a few more days.

Looking at him, he isnt in a hurry to go back,”Jiang Yao replied.

“Alright, Brother Haoyu is a workaholic anyway.”Luo Ruoran shrugged and looked at Liang Yueze, then at Jiang Yao.

She reached out and quietly pointed at Liang Yueze, whispering to Jiang Yao, “Hes no different from this person.”

“I got home at Eight oclock Yesterday, and you were still out with the clients.

The day before yesterday, I got home at six-thirty, and you were still working overtime at the company.

Do you need me to continue moving forward”Liang Yueze looked at Luo Ruoran indifferently, “It seems that you are very busy every day.

You are so busy that you dont even have much time to go home.

You actually think of taking time out to go to Nanjiang City, Ha.”

Liang Yuezes words ended with a sneer.

Even though there was still a sister-in-law between him and Jiang Yao, Luo Ruoran, she could still feel the pressure around Liang Yueze dropping rapidly.

“Its because Im tired of working every day, thats why I want to go to Brother Haoyus place to seek comfort.”Luo Ruoran didnt know anything.

She sighed helplessly and turned to Liang Yueze, “I say, when are you free Why Dont you squeeze some time to take me out for a trip”

“To Nanjiang City”Liang Yueze refused without thinking, “No.”

Luo Ruoran choked.

“I think youre just annoying to take me out.”After saying that, Luo Ruoran buried her head in her food and didnt say anything.

Jiang Yao looked at her with her head lowered.

Her eyes turned red bit by bit, but she quickly suppressed it.

After more than ten seconds, she looked up again and was back to her usual self.

It was that prideful strong woman, Luo Ruoran again, it was as if the scene that Jiang Yao saw just now was just an illusion.

If Jiang Yao hadnt sat next to her, been very close to her, and happened to be looking at her the whole time, perhaps even Jiang Yao wouldnt have noticed the change in her mood in these dozen seconds.

Jiang Yao was a bit shocked, but she didnt show it.

She had a feeling that this time, it had only been a short time since she came to the capital.

There was something wrong between her eldest brother and sister-in-law.

The other people at the table didnt notice the commotion on Luo Ruorans side.

They were talking about how Jiang Yao bought two mines from Yn.

Jiang Yao was just thinking about what to say to Luo Ruoran when a commotion suddenly came from the seat next to her.

“I say, Whats wrong with you, Mute! I just asked you a random question.

Why did you throw red wine at me With your qualities, you deserve to be mute and not know how to speak!”

The commotion behind them was very loud.

Even the nearby seats could hear it, not to mention the table across from Jiang Yao.

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