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Chapter 735: The Brilliant Display of Affection

The two people in the bedroom were woken up by the knocking on the door.

“Take your time.

Ill go open the door.

Its Lao Wu,”Lu Xingzhi whispered to Jiang Yao, who had woken up leisurely.

Then, he lifted the quilt and put on his clothes unhurriedly.

He turned around and kissed the person who was buried in the quilt, then, he closed the bedroom door and went out to open the door for Lao Wu.

“Yay! You really havent gone back yet!”The door opened without any warning.

Chen Xuyaos hand stopped in mid-air as he was about to knock on the door.

When he met the cold-faced Lu Xingzhi, he let out a laugh.

“Didnt you say that you were going to return to Nanjiang City at 10 oclock”

“I overslept,”Lu Xingzhi answered calmly.

Then, he let Lao Wu in.

“Wait in the living room.

Then, well have dinner together.

After dinner, send me and Jiang Yao to the airport.”

Chen xuyao nodded.

Then, he looked at Lu Xingzhis neck and smiled meaningfully, “I overslept.

Come to think of it, third sister-in-law is pretty fierce.

You Two, be careful.

Dont get excited and make a child.

Third Sister-in-law is still in school.”

Just as he finished speaking, a pair of slippers came over and slapped on his forehead.

Chen Xuyao was stunned.

He adjusted his hair and faced Lu Xingzhi, who was standing at the door and looking at him coldly.

He was angry but didnt dare to say anything, it was as if he could see the words written on Lu Xingzhis face.

If you dont shut up, then get lost.

Between the two choices ofget lostandshut up, Chen xuyao rationally chose to shut up.

After waiting in the living room for about twenty minutes, the two people in the bedroom slowly came out.

After leaving Jin city, the three of them went to the restaurant together.

When they arrived, fourth brother and Liang Yueze had also arrived.

“Third brother and third sister-in-law, you two really made us wait so long.”Zhou weiqi looked at Lu Xingzhi holding Jiang Yaos hand and walked in with a depressed expression.

When he first saw that the relationship between third brother and third sister-in-law was not very good, Zhou weiqi was worried.

He was worried that his third brothers love would not be accepted by third sister-in-law.

Now, when he saw that the relationship between third brother and third sister-in-law was as good as honey, he was also worried.

He watched these two couples loving each other all day long, but he could not describe the bitterness in his heart.

Up until now, his little wife had yet to be married.

He still wanted to watch his third brother and third sister-in-law loving each other all day long.

Zhou weiqi even felt that one day, he would be provoked by his third brother and become a lunatic.

“Third brother, how did you marry third sister-in-law in the first place”Zhou weiqi pushed Chen Xuyao away with his butt and sat down next to Lu Xingzhi with a smile.

“Teach me a few moves.

Ive been chasing after Zhan Qiuhe recently, but I dont seem to have made any progress.”

Lu Xingzhi obviously didnt want to answer Zhou Weiqis question, but Jiang Yao tried her best to hold back her laughter.

“He cant answer such a question.

Your third brother has a high IQ, but a low eq.

This is something that even his sister approves of.”

“Then, third sister-in-law, you still married third brother”Zhou weiqi pursed his lips.

“At that time, as long as I was a little sensible, I wouldnt have agreed to marry him.

However, at the age of seventeen or eighteen, it was the time when my character was at its most stubborn and rebellious,”Jiang Yao answered very frankly, “So, to put it bluntly, he was a blind cat that met a dead end and successfully married me.

As for me, I was also a blind cat that met a dead mouse and married such a good husband.”

“Third sister-in-laws display of affection was so brilliant that we were caught off guard.”Chen Xuyao smiled.

“Third sister-in-law publicly praised Third Brothers excellence as a husband in front of us brothers.

I guess third brother must be in a good mood now.”

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