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Chapter 731: Full of Mistakes

After a pause.., jiang Yao continued, “As for his subordinate, he had touched the anesthetic that I poured into the document bag in a hurry and the silver needles that he hid in the gaps of the document bag after he stabbed Rahl.

When Rahls subordinate took the document bag, he saw that there were water stains on it, so he used his hand to rub it.

It was probably around that time that he was also stabbed.”

Speaking of which, Jiang Yao spread out her hands, “Because the anesthetic dose was very small, it quickly lost its effect.

This is the so-called zombie No.

1, do you understand “If you dont believe me, then you can send someone to search my luggage, or even my body.

“Also, I dont think I need to remind you, right “I only spent 50 million on that mine, but if there really is a neurovirus in this world, is the value of that virus less than a mine “Am I stupid enough to expose the zombie virus to protect a mine worth 50 million”

Jiang Yaos words sounded very reasonable, and for a moment, no one could refute it!

The YN side couldnt because raha did say in the transcript that he and his men would be able to move in about half an hour.

They went to the hospital for a check-up, but nothing happened.

They also felt that their bodies were completely normal, but.., rahl was absolutely certain that Jiang Yao had this virus on her.

The reason why they were so lucky was probably because they were not infected with many viruses, so they were lucky enough to escape.

Regarding Rahls words, the governments side was inclined to believe it.

Regardless of whether the virus number one that Rahl said was so powerful existed, even if it was a virus that only damaged the nervous system for half an hour without leaving a trace.., this also made their government sufficiently terrified and aroused their greed.

They were afraid that this virus would really exist, and even more afraid that this virus could not be controlled in their hands.

Thus, they had made a gamble, wanting to try and see if they could take this girl away.

However, the attitude of the Jingdou side was too unyielding.

They simply didnt give them a chance to speak to this girl, and they also didnt allow them to get even half a step closer to this girl.

If this girl could display the same fear, terror, and even helplessness when facing so many of them, then they could still believe a little that this girl was just an ordinary merchant.

However, the wise and extremely quick reactions and counterattacks that this girl later displayed, and even ridiculing their government and country in front of them without the slightest hint of cowardice, made their hearts want to take this girl away even more, even if she didnt have anything on her, it wouldnt be bad to take her away and teach her a lesson.

“If you dont believe that a silver needle with an anesthetic has such an effect, you can come and try it.

However, let me make it clear first, I dont have any anesthetic on me now.

If you want to test it, please get me an anesthetic first,”Jiang Yao said, “Our Z countrys ancient Chinese medicine is extensive and profound.

Although Ive only learned a little, I can still show you ignorant people.

A government listening to the words of a robber is really unheard of and extremely laughable.

The words of a robber are full of mistakes.

Its also worth you going through so much trouble to come all the way here to ask me for the so-called zombie No.


Apparently, no one wanted to be the guinea pig, and the men took a step back at the sight of the chill emanating from the silver needle.

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