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Chapter 730: Made Up To Scare People

“Let me tell you, that little girl is only 19 years old and only in her first year of college.

She is also the wife of an outstanding soldier in our country.

If she were to be scared out of her wits, I want to see how you are going to answer to her!”

Hearing this, Jiang Yao understood that this captain Chen should be one of Liang Yuezes men.

Captain Chen would not let her be taken away by anyone.

After seeing clearly the position of this group of people, Jiang Yao was relieved.

“Raha, I know him! Its fine if you dont say raha, but when it comes to raha, Im going to sue him!”Jiang Yaos expression was originally very scared, in an instant, it turned into anger, “I bought the mine in YN, but raha brought more than 20 people, guns, and knives to stop me.

He forced me to hand over the contract I just signed to him.

Hes blatantly robbing me!”

“Did you guys just say that Rahl accused me of carrying the virus Dont tell me he is laughable enough to tell you what the neurovirus called Zombie No.

1 is”Jiang Yaos face was full of disdain.

“A greedy fool like Rahl really makes me laugh to death!”

“You admit it!”When the people from YN heard the translator mention Zombie No.

1s neurovirus, they were all excited.

“Yes, its this virus!”

Captain Chen never thought that Jiang Yao would casually mention Zombie No.


“What virus are the people of YN sides government as stupid as idiots like Rahl”Jiang Yaos tone was full of mockery, “The silver needles that were dipped in anesthetic were called Zombie No.

1 by me, and he actually believed it! Im just an ordinary college student with a little money, where am I going to get the neurovirus for you To steal it from the heavens for you”

After saying that, Jiang Yao laid the suitcase flat on the ground and opened it directly.

Then, she took out a set of silver needles and handed it to Captain Chen, “Zombie No.

1 was made up by me to scare raha.

I even told him that when the Zombie No.

1 virus enters the human body, it will rapidly destroy the human nervous system.

It will also devour red blood cells, turning people into stiff dead people who have been sucked blood by zombies.

I said it to scare people, but Raha believed it.

I didnt expect that the people of YN government would also believe it.

This is so funny.

If that virus was really that powerful, would raha still be alive now”

Captain Chen didnt know much about Zombie No.

1, but he had received orders from his superior to bring people from the YN government to talk to Jiang Yao.

He had another mission in private, which was to protect Jiang Yao from being taken away by anyone.

Now, after hearing Jiang Yao tell him everything about Zombie No.

1, he also felt that it was unbelievable.

He even felt that the YN government that believed her words was a retard.

“Miss Jiang Yao means that there is no zombie No.

1 Is Rahl lying However, Rahl and his men can prove that he once fell to the ground without moving,”the YN side people questioned.

“First of all, Rahl is a criminal.

He tried to kidnap and rob me with guns and knives.

This is an indisputable fact.

May I ask, why would you believe the words of a kidnapper and his men, who have no credibility at all “Are you investigating this matter for your people, or do you really hope to get the so-called Zombie No.

1 from me”Jiang Yaos doubt was louder than anyone elses.

“I just said that the so-called zombie No.

1 was just a silver needle dipped in anesthetic.

When Rahl threatened me to bring the document to him, I took the opportunity to stab the acupuncture point on his palm with the silver needle dipped in anesthetic.

This is the reason why he fell unconscious after a few seconds.”

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