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Chapter 724: Continue Being Arrogant

“Why is there water” Rahas fingertips felt the ice-cold Touch and became nervous for a moment.

He quickly asked.

“Maybe its because Im afraid, so my palms are sweating.

Its also possible that when I was drinking water in the car just now, I accidentally fell on the contract,” Jiang Yao explained with a blank expression.

Raha turned the bag of documents upside down.

When he saw that there was really a water stain, he stretched out his hand and touched Buddhas hand.

After seeing that the water on the bag had touched his hand, he didnt care much.

He turned around and handed the bag of documents to his subordinate.

The person beside him took it and almost subconsciously did the same thing.

He reached out his hand to touch the water stain on the bag of documents.

Jiang Yaos smile slowly spread out.

Then, she retreated step by step to Lu Xingzhis side.

She was not sure if Lu Xingzhi had seen what she did just now.

However, even if he had not seen it, Lu Xingzhi knew that the water stain on the bag was caused by her.

That was because such an important bag of documents could not have been splashed by water.

When Jiang Yao returned to his side, Lu Xingzhi immediately went to hold her hand.

He didnt ask her anything, but asked Raha, “Can we leave now”

“Of course.”Raha had gotten what he wanted.

He was so happy that he didnt even look at Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

He just turned around and was about to leave.

Jiang Yao watched him turn around and started counting down in her heart.

Three Seconds!

Two seconds!

One second!


Rahls heavy body fell to the ground.

The sound of him hitting the ground was like a sky-shaking cannon.

In the next second, the subordinate with the document in his hand also fell to the ground like a zombie.

Lu Xingzhis reaction was very fast.

Before Rahls subordinate could react, he ran toward the man like a wild wolf.

In the blink of an eye, he grabbed the pistols of the two men who were lying on the ground.

In the next second.., one in each hand, he fired at the other two men who had guns hidden on their bodies in two different directions.

After the two men were shot, he shouted at Jiang Yao, “Wife, Catch!”Then he threw one of the pistols in his hand to Jiang Yao.

Like a carefully calculated parabola, the gun flew toward Jiang Yao accurately.

She raised her hand and took the gun accurately.

However, in the few seconds that she took the gun, Lu Xingzhi had already taken care of the two injured people.

He pressed them on the ground like a pyramid and took away all the guns on their bodies.

In just a few seconds, the situation changed drastically.

“Wife, one more!” Lu Xingzhi threw another gun at Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao raised her hand and took it.

She really wanted to shout to Lu Xingzhi that it was useless for her to take two guns.

She could only shoot with her right hand, but her left hand was not accurate.

Unlike him, regardless of whether it was his left or right hand, he could almost hit every shot.

In less than ten seconds, the situation had been turned around.

The people on the side were dumbfounded.

“Go!”The people who were stepped on by Lu Xingzhi shouted at the people who were standing on the side with knives in their hands and did not dare to go forward.

“Go! Go ahead!” Lu Xingzhis shot directly hit the instep of the first man who went forward.

The man who was shot immediately hugged his leg and cried out in pain.

“These foreign businessmen dont dare to shoot and kill people in our country! We have more people, go ahead!”Raha lay there and cursed.

His body was as stiff as a wooden board, unable to move.

“Raha, continue to be arrogant.”Jiang Yao leaned towards Lu Xingzhi and kicked at Raha.

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