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Chapter 720: Sold To Whom

“Ruan Yongjun is my friend.

Director Huang is here.

If you need anything, you can ask him for help.”In the end, Lu Xingzhi was the one who brought Huang Cheng here.

Therefore, before he left, Lu Xingzhi said a few more words and then threw a sentence to Huang Chengjing, ruan Yongjun was trustworthy, and then he left with Jiang Yao.

Karu knew that the two of them were going to rush to the airport overnight, so he volunteered to be their driver.

Before they left, he and Ruan Yongjun had prepared a lot of special snacks for Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

At night, Lu Xingzhi said goodbye to Ruan Yongjun, then, he got in the car.

On the way to the airport, Karu was still chatting with Lu Xingzhi.

He had made an appointment with him to go to Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos country one day, hoping to visit the two of them.

“Sure, youre welcome to come!”Jiang Yao could tell that Karus words were not just casual words.

He was really looking forward to walking out of YN to play around.

On Jiang Yaos side, because of Karus enthusiastic help, she and Lu Xingzhi could be said to have returned with a full load.

The two of them were in a good mood.

Moreover, on Mr.

Xiao Jins side, he returned to his home where he did not have a single servant.

Not long after, he received a notice that there was an additional sum of money in his account.

Seeing that 50 million had been deposited into his account, he was extremely happy and called his creditor, Raha, he originally thought that the call to repay the debt would be very easy.

He did not expect that with just a phone call, Mr.

Xiao Jin would be scolded by Raha.

Not long after, he was kidnapped by the people sent by Raha.

Raha probably did not expect that he would be able to trick Mr.

Xiao Jin into falling into his trap.

When he saw that Mr.

Xiao Jins mine was about to belong to him, in the end, a Cheng Yaojin suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

As it turned out, he had been busy for more than a month just to make a wedding dress for someone else!

“Speak! Who Did you sell it to”Rahl had a fierce-looking beard.

A forty-something-year-old man with a fat head and big ears

He kicked Mr.

Xiao Jin to the ground and stepped on Mr.

Xiao Jins back.

He asked angrily, “Who was the middleman Who bought it”

“Karu introduced a young couple from country z.

I heard Karu Call that man Mr.


Xiao Jin was in so much pain that he was about to cry.

“Raha, I will return the money to you and we will be even.

You Cant do anything to me again!”

“F * ck off!”

Raha might have been a little afraid of Mr.

Xiao Jin in the past because Mr.

Xiao Jins lingering power had not dissipated.

However, Mr.

Xiao Jin had been gone for so long and there was no one around him who could be used.

He simply laid a trap.., mr.

Xiao Jin had lost fifty million in less than half a month!

He had set up this trap with the goal of going to the mine in Mr.

Xiao Jins hands!

He forced Mr.

Xiao Jin step by step, waiting for Mr.

Xiao Jin to drag on a huge debt.

Then, the interest would roll over day by day until he had no choice but to pay with the mine.

When he heard that Mr.

Xiao Jin had released the news of selling the mine, Rahl felt that he had set up the right trap.

Only then did he think that he could go and take Mr.

Xiao Jins mine tomorrow.

He did not expect that this fool would tell him.., that mine was sold for 50 million!

“Kalu, right”Raha directly got his men to drag Mister Xiao Jin up.

The group left the courtyard and drove away.

Although Raha wasnt in that circle, he knew about Kalu and where Kalu lived.

After getting into the car, Rahas men struck the struggling Mister Xiao Jin unconscious with their palms.

Then, the group drove straight towards the small town.

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