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Chapter 718: Lowest Price

“Theres one more thing.”When Karu said this, even in his own home, he still cautiously looked around.

He even called out a few Filipino maids before continuing, “In the afternoon, I found someone to teach Mr.

Xiao Jin a lesson.

That Idiot thought that my people were his creditors, so he kept saying that he would definitely return the money tonight!”! “Not long after, Mr.

Xiao Jin called me and said that his mine would be sold at the price we agreed on.”

“What price did he say before”Jiang Yao asked.

“He only knows how to follow the trend.

The Zhu family said 120 million, and he also offered 120 million!”Karu scoffed.

“He doesnt understand the value of his own mine at all.”

“Is there anything else”Lu Xingzhi noticed that Karus expression was still very excited.

It could be seen that the second piece of good news that Karu was going to say was probably not that Mr.

Xiao Jin was going to sell the mine at the price they originally agreed on.

“He told me over the phone that he would sell it for 120 million, so I lied to him.

Todays customer was dissatisfied with his starting price and had already signed a contract with other mine owners, so no one wanted his mine.

When he was anxious, he said that he would lower the price.”

Speaking of this, the smile in Karus eyes deepened.

“Guess how much he lowered it to”

“100 million”This was Jiang Yaos guess.

“How much gambling debt does he owe”Lu Xingzhi suddenly asked a question that had nothing to do with the mine.

When Karu heard this, he knew that Lu Xingzhi had guessed it.

He grinned, “He owes 50 million gambling debt! “He sold it for 80 million at the beginning.

I was just casually saying.

With his reputation of setting the price, not to mention 80 million, even 60 million would be difficult.

Then, he became anxious and said that as long as he can pay off his gambling debt, 50 million is fine!”

Karu patted Lu Xingzhi on the shoulder, “Mr.

Lu, Im telling you this good news because Ive hit it off with you and feel that you can be a friend.

If you feel that Mr.

Xiao Jins mine is worth this 50 million, then well take down Mr.

Xiao Jins mine together!”

“50 million!”Jiang Yao was speechless.

“Hes really driven mad by his gambling debt.”

Jiang Yao was even more surprised.

50 million How did Mr.

Xiao Jin Gamble How could he owe 50 million in gambling debts

“His creditors are from outside the town.

I heard from my subordinates that those people were vicious.

In order to chase after Mr.

Xiao Jins gambling debts, they chopped off the palm of a servant in Mr.

Xiao Jins house in front of Mr.

Xiao Jin.


Xiao Jin was so scared that he directly knelt there and begged them to let him go for a period of time.

Recently, Mr.

Xiao Jin didnt dare to go home.

He lived in the mine and gambled with those workers who were absent.”

Therefore, Mr.

Xiao Jin loved to gamble, but he loved his life more.

“Wife, do you want it”Lu Xingzhi didnt even go in to take a look today, so he couldnt be sure if the mine was still abundant.

Therefore, he could only ask Jiang Yao if she wanted it.

“Yes.”50 million was definitely a profit.

Even if she couldnt take out the funds to invest in the mine and sell it, it would still be a guaranteed profit.

50 million, this was probably the lowest price in the entire YN mining industry.

However, this 80 million, 50 million, that was 130 million.

Jiang Yao estimated that she would need to use a portion of the Yangtze Groups funds.

However, once she resold one of the mines, the funds would be back very quickly.

Karu was a straightforward person and liked to do straightforward things.

Seeing that Lu Xingzhi and his wife had agreed to it, he personally drove the two of them to find Mr.

Xiao Jin.

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