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Chapter 714: Afraid of Being Seen By Others

It was just that he had never met anyone who didnt inform him beforehand.

When he brought the guests here, Mr.

Xiao Jin said that a price was a price.

This made karu lose face in front of his own guests.

Lu Xingzhi was a soldier after all.

His hearing and observation skills surpassed that of ordinary people.

He listened to every word of the dispute between Mr.

Xiao Jin and Karu.

Seeing that Carls expression was not worried, he held Jiang Yaos hand and walked in, calling out elder Cai and the others.

“Whats Wrong”Elder Cai ran out with her disciple.

Because they were running in a hurry, they were panting heavily.

“Lets go.

The price of this mountain has risen.

Two hundred million.

Maybe Tomorrow, it will be three hundred million.”Lu Xingzhi curled the corners of his lips.

“The mine owner is like a scoundrel, making Carl very angry.”

Elder cai choked.

Only then did he come to investigate.

By the time he went back and told the behind-the-scenes owners about this, it would have been a few days.

Wouldnt it have risen to one billion

Why didnt he just Rob Them This was not the way to do business.

The group of people left the mine directly.

They got into the SUV and returned to the clean town.

After Karu returned, he left immediately.

He was busy negotiating a price for Lu Xingzhi.

When Lu Xingzhi returned to Ruan Yongjuns place, the first thing he did was to ask Ruan Yongjun to help boil the hot water.

Then, he took Jiang Yaos shoes and went to the pool, he helped her clean up the place without a speck of dust.

The pool was in the courtyard on the first floor.

Jiang Yao was wearing slippers.

She bent down on the corridor on the second floor and looked at Lu Xingzhi in the courtyard under the afterglow.

She pinched her small leather shoes and cleaned them seriously.

Jiang Yaos feet were not big.

After he finished wiping them, he held her shoes in his palm.

He looked at them and compared them.

He seemed to have thought of something.

Then, the corners of his mouth twitched as if he was smiling.

Only then did he carry her shoes all the way back.

There was no separate bathroom or washroom in the room.

When Jiang Yao was taking a shower in the public bathroom, Lu Xingzhi stood guard outside the door the entire time.

Listening to the sound of water splashing inside, he was simply distracted.

“I left some water for you.

You should take a shower too.

The mine is dusty, its better to take a shower.”As Jiang Yao spoke, she pushed Lu Xingzhi inside.

“Ill stand guard at the door for you.”

“Heh, Im afraid of people looking at me”Lu Xingzhi stood at the door without moving, no matter how Hard Jiang Yao pushed him.

“Go back to your room…”

After a pause, he changed his words.

“Go and bring me my changed clothes.”

When Jiang Yao agreed and went back to her room to get them, Lu Xingzhi stood at the door and watched without blinking.

He was afraid that something would happen if he relaxed.

When Jiang Yao came over with his clothes, he dragged them into the public bathroom and locked it.

“I dont feel at ease wherever you go, so you just wait here,”Lu Xingzhi said as he quickly dragged the clothes off his body.

Jiang Yao was caught off guard.

By the time she reacted, Lu Xingzhi had already taken off all his clothes.

She exclaimed and buried her face in the clothes that she had brought for Lu Xingzhi.

“You… ! You!”Jiang Yao was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

“Cant you be serious for once!”

“If I wasnt serious, I wouldnt have let you stand there and watch.”Lu Xingzhi chuckled and looked helplessly at his little brother who had woken up.

If he wasnt serious, he would have pressed her down and hurt.

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