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Chapter 712: Is Mr.

Lu Heartache

After saying that, karu added, “At this time, the mine owner should be gambling and having fun with people in the mine.

If you want, I can go over and help negotiate the price.”

When Jiang Yao entered, she heard the sound of the dice rolling.

Now that she heard what Karu said, she thought to herself, Karu really knows every place and everyone here like the back of his hand, that mine owner was really gambling in a place within two kilometers.

“How long has this mine been open What good stuff has come out”Elder Cai took two steps forward and asked Kalu.

“It has been open for a year, intermittently.

Good stuff has been dug out all the time,”said Kalu, “Later, when the old man was seriously ill, he stopped for more than half a year and only started work again in the last month or so.

However, after the old man passed away, his former right-hand men all followed other bosses.

Now, the mine owner cant keep people here, and he doesnt even have people around to help him cut the stones.

Therefore, all the businesses under him have never been opened before.

After he took over, he wasnt sure what the situation was like.”

Kalu thought for a moment before continuing, “However, I guess it shouldnt be bad, because he has many repeat customers.”

Elder cai understood what Kalu was trying to say.

Repeat customers meant that those who bought the raw stones had good results, which was why they returned to continue buying.

“Then Ill have to trouble you to help me ask for the lowest price.”Elder Cais employer had originally come for the Zhu familys mine.

Now that the Zhu familys mine was out of the question, since he was already here, it would be better for him to visit a few other companies.

Kalu nodded and led his people into the mine.

The mine seemed to be very close, but this winding road was really a bit strenuous to walk.

The mine was guarded by people, and there were only a few people working.

It looked like they were slacking off and not doing anything.

At the main entrance, there was a table.

Around the table, there was a group of people shouting and shaking dice, it came from here.


Xiao Jin.”Carl walked over and saw the person who was shouting the loudest at the table.


Xiao Jin, Im Carl.

I brought the buyer here to take a look.”

“So be it! Just go in and take a look!”A skinny man in his forties didnt even raise his head, waving his hand, he pointed at the mine behind him.

His face was full of impatience, and his eyes were fixed on the dice on the table.

When he opened it, he was so angry that he immediately slammed the table and cursed.

Karu was used to it, so he led everyone in, while speaking in Mandarin, he continued to speak to Lu Xingzhi and the others, “This Mr.

Xiao Jins luck is especially bad.

He almost loses every bet he makes.

However, if he loses, he must make a bet.

Everyone in our town is saying that if anyone is short of money, they can go and make a bet with Mr.

Xiao Jin.”

Elder Cai did not pay attention to Mr.

Xiao Jins character.

After entering, she brought her disciple and began to explore and observe.

Huang Cheng actually wanted to ask elder Cai for some advice, so he followed elder Cai into the mine.

Once they left, only karu, Lu Xingzhi, and Jiang Yao were left.

When Karu spoke again, he was a little more casual.

He raised two fingers at Lu Xingzhi and chuckled.


Lu, does your heart hurt”Karus two fingers were naturally referring to the two gold bars.

“Why”Lu Xingzhi stood there and lowered his head to play with his little wifes small hands.

During the half a month he was in the army, Jiang Yao had learned marksmanship from him.

Her palms and thumb had been bruised, and it had only been a short while since she had touched a gun, her palms had returned to their previous softness.

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