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Chapter 708: Touring the Mountains

When elder Cai turned around with a smile, Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi and pushed him two steps forward.

Seeing that he was walking forward, but his attention was on her, Jiang Yao smiled helplessly at him and said in a low voice, “Its okay.

Its not like I cant stand being dirty.

Back in Rong County, I endured it too, right”

After Lu Xingzhi heard that, he did not say anything.

He just pulled the person behind him forward.

He was not happy that she was walking behind him.

When he pulled her back to the side, he took the opportunity to put his arm around her waist.

Only then was he satisfied.

In order to prevent herself from putting her attention on her feet, Jiang Yao activated her clairvoyance.

Along the way, she passed by many abandoned mines.

Those mines were either lifeless and dim, or there was only a faint glimmer of light.

It was clear that they had been mined out.

After entering the mountains for about half an hour, Jiang Yao finally saw how lively the real mines should be.

Unlike the abandoned mines outside, there were no signs of human habitation.

In the mines here, there were many workers who were busy working non-stop.

They were carefully transporting the raw stones they had picked out one by one.

What Jiang Yao saw was no longer a gray scene.

Instead, it was a gradually brightening field of vision.

It meant that the mine had an inestimable value.

“Whose mine is that”Jiang Yao asked Karu.

“It looks like there are quite a lot of people, and quite a few merchants are directly choosing raw stones.”

Jiang Yao recognized the identity of the merchants.

They were discussing the price of this batch of raw stones.

This batch of Shangrong seemed to be the old customers of the mine owner, so they could directly come to the mine to choose raw stones that had just been mined.

“This is our countrys Jadeite Kings mine.

The largest imperial jade in the world in his familys collection was mined from this mountain.

The Jadeite King said that the imperial jade brought him a lot of good luck,”said Karu, there was a sense of pride in his tone.

In the entire world, their country had the richest jadeite resources.

There was no jadeite anywhere that could be compared to the beauty of their country.

This was a treasure that God had given them alone.

Jiang Yao was slightly shocked in her heart.

She thought to herself, so it turned out that they had such a big background.

No wonder they were able to own such a mine with such good resources.

It was impossible not to be envious.

When she thought about how the Jade King was able to collect money every day just by sitting at home, Jiang Yao felt that those days were definitely better than living immortals.

After walking past the Jade Kings mine for about twenty minutes, karu finally stopped.

At this time, they were already halfway up the mountain.

Standing there, because there were no trees to cover them, the scenery at the foot of the mountain.., was clear at a glance.

“Looking down from here, there are three mines to be sold.

Since you are all friends of Mr.

Lu and Mr.

Lu is also a friend of my brother, I will give you a special exception.

I will tell you about the recent situation of these three mines.”

Karu pointed at the three sides and finally stopped at the east side as he said.., “The situation of this mine is the most special.

Construction has been going on for almost two months.

However, up until now, not a single piece of jadeite has been produced.

Even if it is ordinary material, there are only large pieces of waste stones that have come out.

The boss does not have the patience to continue digging, so he wants to sell them.”

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