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Chapter 702: A Match Made In Heaven

“This is my friend, Ruan Yongjun.

Hes a veteran of YN,”Lu Xingzhi said as he patted Jiang Yaos head.

Then, he turned to look at Huang Chengjing and the rest, he took Jiang Yaos luggage from Huang Chengjings assistant and thanked him.

Then, he continued to ask, “Have you arranged the food and accommodation here If not, you can follow me.”

To be honest, Huang Cheng, who had seen Lu Xingzhis cold face several times, was actually a little flattered.

He was stunned for a second, then nodded and agreed, “Then Ill have to trouble young master Lu.”

Huang Cheng was actually very surprised that Lu Xingzhi was so easy to talk to.

It was most likely because he had sent Jiang Yao to his side safe and sound, right

However, Huang Cheng was even more surprised that a professional like Lu Xingzhi actually had a good friend overseas.

“Youre welcome.”Lu Xingzhis lips twitched.

“Ruan Yongjun, my friend.

His family runs a hostel.

Even if you know me, theres no discount.”

Therefore, it was not because he suddenly became enthusiastic, but because his friend happened to run a hostel.

Huang Cheng did not suspect that if it was not so coincidental, Lu Xingzhi would have probably left with Jiang Yao by now.

After speaking to Huang Cheng, Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand with one hand and carried Jiang Yaos luggage with the other as he walked towards the car they were driving with Ruan Yongjun.

The car was Ruan Yongjuns.

It was a modified jeep, like a combination of a jeep and a minivan.

Lu Xingzhi let Jiang Yao sit in the back seat and helped her put her luggage in the back.

He turned around and said to Huang Cheng, “Put the things in the back.

CEO Huang will sit in the front alone.

The rest of the people will sit in the back.”

The front seat and the driver could only seat five people.

If it werent for Huang Cheng taking care of his wife for a ride, Lu Xingzhi would have thrown Huang Cheng into the cargo compartment at the back.

Who asked Huang Cheng not to give up on his sister.

In fact, Huang Cheng was prepared to be a cargo at the beginning.

It was his first time coming to YN.

Because the news was rushed, he rushed here in a hurry.

Before he could contact anything, he was able to follow Lu Xingzhi for a ride, this was already a fortunate thing.

Therefore, even if Lu Xingzhi asked him to sit in the back, he did not have any complaints.

After all, he was a man, so he would not care about this.

And now, Lu Xingzhi gave him a good look for the first time.

Huang Cheng was shocked again.

He was afraid that Lu Xingzhi would change his mind, so he quickly climbed into the car.

Yns economy was a little behind most countries.

There were not many smooth concrete roads on this side of the road.

In other words, there were not many wide roads on this side of the road.

Huang Cheng actually sat in the front passenger seat.

Lu Xingzhi sat in the back with Jiang Yao.

Then, he talked to Ruan Yongjun who was driving.

Both of them were speaking in YN.

Jiang Yao did not understand a single word, but she heard Ruan Yongjun laughing.

She suspected that Lu Xingzhi was the kind of person who would tell jokes to make people happy

Obviously, he wasnt.

But strangely, Lu Xingzhi had a smile on his face at this time.

“What are you two talking about Translate it.”Jiang Yao tugged at Lu Xingzhis sleeve and urged him in a low voice, “Ruan Yongjun seemed to be laughing very happily.”

“He said that my wife is very beautiful and is a good match for me.”The corner of Lu Xingzhis lips curled up slightly.

“I answered him that my wife, whom I have chosen so many times, is naturally a match made in heaven with me.

Then, he asked me, what doesmatch made in heavenMean”

“How do you answer him”Jiang Yaos curiosity was piqued.

“I told him thatmatch made in heavenmeans that heaven is pulling the red string.

We were born to be husband and wife, and no one can tear US apart.”

Although Lu Xingzhis answer was serious, Jiang Yao inexplicably did not believe it.

Inexplicably, she felt that Lu Xingzhi was not telling the truth.

Otherwise, how could this sentence make Ruan Yongjun smile like that

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