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Chapter 699: Go To YN

Huang Cheng actually thought that since he had the mine, when the company needed to use the raw stone resources, he didnt have to beg people, and he didnt have to spend a lot of money to buy it.

“To be honest, Im tempted!”Jiang Yao was indeed tempted, but, “But I dont have a passport or anything.

“Thats easy to do.

Ill get my assistant to go to the school to look for you.

You give him your ID card and these.

Ill get someone to get them for you immediately.

We might set off at midnight, so theres still a lot of time to prepare,”Huang Cheng said, “Dont worry about the safety.

Ill bring my bodyguards.”

“Okay! Ill wait for you at the Hotel!”Jiang Yao agreed immediately.

Buying a mine meant that she had money!

The system gave her these eyes and gave her this extraordinary ability.

If she bought a mine, even if she couldnt start a jewelry company right away, it wouldnt be a loss.

If she ran out of money in the future.., it would be a quick thing to dig up a batch and sell them.

However, Jiang Yao did not know when Lu Xingzhi would be able to call her.

Before she left, she had to at least inform him.

Huang Chengjings assistant arrived very quickly.

Jiang Yao had just tidied up her clothes when he arrived.

Jiang Yao gave him her ID card and left the school in his car.

The first thing she did when she returned to the hotel was to knock on Gu Haoyus room and tell him that she had returned to the hotel and was going abroad in the middle of the night.

Gu Haoyu had just come out of the shower.

He probably didnt expect that the person who knocked on the door would be Jiang Yao, whom he had just sent back to the school with great difficulty, so he came out in a bathrobe.

When he opened the door, he saw that it was Jiang Yao.

He said, “Wait two minutes.” Then, he slammed the door shut.

A few minutes later, after he was dressed, he came out to open the door again.

“Didnt you go back to school Why Are You Back Again”Gu Haoyus hair was still dripping with water.

It could be seen that he was in a hurry to get dressed.

Jiang Yao looked at him and didnt know whether she should apologize or not.

“I had to go abroad in the middle of the night, so I wanted to come over and tell you,”Jiang Yao explained.

“I went out with Huang Chengjing, the general manager of the Hai run group.

We were going to Yn.

It was too late at night, so the school didnt allow us to go out, so we decided to wait at the hotel first.”

“Where are you going to look for the raw stones”Although GU haoyu had never been in the jewelry industry, he knew that YN was rich in minerals.

Jiang Yao suddenly wanted to go there in the middle of the night, so she could only go for the raw stones.

Jiang Yao nodded and didnt say that she wanted to start a jewelry company.

At the moment, she wasnt sure if she had enough money to start a jewelry company, so she could only put it aside for now.

“Im waiting for Xingzhis call.

If I set off on a plane and my phone doesnt work, Xingzhi should call you.

At that time, help me tell him.”This was the purpose of Jiang Yao looking for Gu Haoyu, “Huang Cheng actually brought his bodyguards, so there shouldnt be any danger.

Moreover, I have the ability to protect myself.

Xingzhi knows this.”

“Let me know before you set off.

When the time comes, see if I want to go with you.”Gu Haoyu guessed that Lu Xingzhi was probably rushing to YN as well.

Although Jiang Yao didnt know what Gu Haoyu meant, she still agreed and went back to her room.

Because she had to leave in the middle of the night, Jiang Yao took a shower and went to bed early.

It wasnt until 11 oclock that she received a call from Lu Xingzhi.

“Ive already found two bodyguards for you.

They will go to Nanjiang city after the formalities.

Im going to Yn to do something.

After Im done, I can go back tomorrow.”Lu Xingzhi had been busy all day, even the two bodyguards that he chose for Jiang Yao were personally assessed by him.

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