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Chapter 696: There Was Nothing To Be Said

“This kind of boss is normal,”Qiong Hui muttered.

“Just like my former boss, hes a wolf.”

Jiang Yao didnt say anything.

So, did this youths focus have to be so bizarre

So, Qiong Hui didnt pay any special attention to what she said to Liao Ting

She was still thinking about how to explain it so that her new friends wouldnt misunderstand her as a sinister woman.

In the end, it was a waste of time.

They didnt pay any attention to it.

Liao Tings dilemma with manager Sun was just a small episode in tonights dinner.

After that, everyone enjoyed the dinner together.

Gu Haoyu was very good at talking and adjusting the atmosphere.

With him around, the laughter on the table continued throughout the night.

After dinner, lawyer Jiang gave the contract to Lin Techeng and the others, telling them to go back and read the contract properly.

After signing it.., they could call him directly.

After dinner, everyone walked out of the shop.

Gu Haoyu, lawyer Jiang, and manager Sun went to the parking lot to drive.

Jiang Yao waited at the door with Lin Teicheng and the others while talking to Lin Teicheng about the contract.

“Take the contract back and read it slowly.

If you have any objections, feel free to mention it.

My invitation to you is very sincere, and I really look forward to your joining Changkang Group.

I promise you that in the future, Changkang Group will have other research teams, but I will never interfere with your research projects.”

As Jiang Yao spoke, she observed the expression on Lin Teichengs face.

She could tell that Lin Teicheng was the core of this small team, and everyone trusted him.

“Okay!”Lin Teicheng nodded in agreement.

Jiang Yao could tell that Lin Teicheng wasnt being perfunctory, so she smiled.

Just then, a car drove over.

Jiang Yao glanced at it, and since it wasnt one of her people, she thought it was a guest of the hotel, so she moved aside.

Surprisingly, it was Zhu Qianliang who got out of the car, and Zhu Qianliang was obviously coming for her.

He must have been looking for her, and then rushed over when he received the news that she was here.

“Miss Jiang!”Zhu Qianliang was indeed coming for Jiang Yao, for his stupid sister, Zhu Qianlan.

Zhu Qianliang received the news in the morning and knew that Zhu Qianlan had sent thugs from the company to kidnap Jiang Yao and her husband.

That really scared him silly.

He went to the police station, but he didnt see anyone, so he was stopped outside.

Therefore, he searched for people all day.

When he went to Nanjiang Medical University, the doorman didnt recognize him and didnt let him in.

He said he was looking for Jiang Yao, and the doorman asked him to call to confirm, but where did he get Jiang Yaos number

Therefore, when he received the news that Jiang Yao was here, he immediately rushed over.

“Miss Jiang, Im really sorry about what happened to my sister.

She was so mad that she did such a thing.

Miss Jiang, can you please give my sister a chance and let her go this time”Zhu Qianliang was really anxious, if his sister was locked up in her hometown in Ping Cheng, it would be easy to get her out.

However, this was Nanjiang City!

“I have nothing to say to you two siblings.

She is going to kidnap me.

Why should I forgive her”As soon as Jiang Yao took a step back, Lin Techeng immediately stood up and shielded Jiang Yao behind him.

He stretched out his hand, he stopped Zhu Qianliang, who was closing in on them step by step.

When Little Yuan and Qionghui saw this, they stood in front of Jiang Yao with their chests puffed out.

There was a wall of people in front of Jiang Yao.

Hong Ke and little an stood on the left and right side of Jiang Yao.

They were also trying to protect Jiang Yao nervously.

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