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Chapter 692: Including Underwear

As for the female customer, the person in charge of the floor also knew her.

She was a customer who had been here a few times, so he quickly said, “This lady, Im sorry that you had such an unpleasant accident here.

How about this, our hotel will pay for the dry cleaning of your clothes” “You drank a little too much.

For your safety, Ill arrange for the hotels car to send you back, okay”

To be honest, the person in charge of the floors arrangement and explanation was very appropriate.

Even Jiang Yao could not find any fault with it.

If it were any other normal customer, they would agree.

However, Liao Ting had wanted to pick a fight with manager Sun from the beginning.

After she heard what the person in charge of the floor said, she immediately turned hostile, “Do I look like the kind of person who is short of your hotels dry-cleaning money Let me tell you, this is my and manager Suns own business.

It has nothing to do with you.

Get Out of my way and mind your own business.”

“How much are your clothes”Jiang Yao stood to the side and suddenly asked, “A coat, a dress.

Of course, if your underwear is also stained with alcohol, you can count it in and give me a price.”

Jiang Yaos voice suddenly interrupted Liao Tings roar at the person in charge of the floor.

Her voice was cold, but it was powerful.

Liao Ting immediately stopped and couldnt help but glance at her.

Liao Ting felt that she looked familiar and felt like she had seen her before.

However, she really couldnt think of where she had seen her before.

Seeing that she was standing with manager Sun, she guessed that she was probably a relative of manager Suns family, so she had seen her before but didnt remember her.

Seeing the girl standing there looking at her coldly and asking about the price of her clothes, Liao Ting felt that manager Suns relative was really arrogant.

“Two thousand!”Liao ting snorted, “Since you used to be my employee, I Wont take you for a change!”

Jiang Yao had never paid much attention to the brand of clothes, so when Liao Ting said that the skirt and coat were two thousand, she didnt know whether Liao Ting was telling the truth or not.

However, looking at Liao Tings expression, she felt that this woman in front of her was really vicious.

Liao Ting knew that manager Suns daughter was in the hospital, so she thought that manager Sun and his wife were both unemployed and worried about their daughters medical expenses.

Under such circumstances, Liao Ting still had to ask manager Sun for money because her clothes were wet from the alcohol, this woman was truly vicious.

If manager Sun was really as embarrassed as she thought he was today, with 2,000 yuan as compensation, was she going to force manager sun and his wife to kneel down and beg her Or was she going to force manager Sun and his wife to give her the money to save their daughters life as compensation

With the money to save her life, she didnt know if Liao Ting would have nightmares when she fell asleep at night.

“Two thousand yuan, including underwear”Jiang Yao asked.

Liao Ting was stunned.

She didnt understand why the girl asked so clearly.

After thinking for a while, she simply nodded.

Manager Sun didnt quite understand why Jiang Yao asked this question.

However, it wasnt his fault at the moment.

However, it wasnt the time to argue with a shrew.

After all, second young master Gu had already led the way, he was probably waiting in the private room by now.

Two thousand Yuan was a huge sum of money for manager Sun, who had just resigned from Liya.

However, it was really nothing to him at the moment.

Manager Jiang had arranged for his daughter to enter the Holy Flag Hospital and exempted him from the medical fees.

This was equivalent to removing the heaviest burden on his body.

He even gave him a monthly salary and bonus.

He could really afford to pay this amount of money.

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