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Chapter 691: Chapter 691, former proprietress

However, manager Sun probably didnt expect that the person who coincidentally bumped into him would be the proprietress of his restaurant back then!

So, who said that this world was big

This woman was Zhang Xiqings cousin.

She was the person who fired manager Sun in order to give the position of restaurant manager to Zhang Xiqing back then.

However, Zhang Xiqing was not a talented person who could manage a restaurant.

After manager Sun left, Zhang Xiqing took over the position of manager, but she managed the restaurant so badly.

In the end, Zhang Xiqing was forced to leave, and Zhang Xiqings cousin.., it was also this woman, Liao Ting, who was blamed by her husband for the restaurants business downturn.

The couple kept quarreling because of this.

After Zhang Xiqing left, Liao Ting once went to manager Sun to ask him to return to Leah restaurant, but manager Sun directly refused.

Liao Ting was very angry and cursed manager Sun for not knowing what was good for him.

She said that if it werent for manager Suns daughters serious illness and the fact that he had made contributions in Leah restaurant, she wouldnt have come to invite him back.

However, manager Sun was unmoved, even when faced with the temptation of her salary increase.

That time, Liao Ting could be said to have parted on bad terms with manager Sun.

This was the first time the two of them had met after that time.

Liao Ting seemed to have drunk too much.

Even after hearing the apology, she still seemed to be unforgiving.

She cursed in a low voice.

First, she reached out to pat the wine stains on her clothes.

Then, she looked up at the person who had apologized, she immediately snorted coldly.

“So its manager Sun.”Liao Ting directly blocked manager Suns path, “Manager Sun, I havent heard any news about your high position recently.

Why Youve dirtied the clothes of your former bosss wife, and you just want to apologize and get it over with My clothes arent cheap.

In this world, how can it be so cheap”

After hearing that womans words, Jiang Yao thought to herself that manager sun was too polite.

To such a woman, she should have been the first to speak and asked her why she had eyes.

Back then, when manager Suns daughter was hospitalized and needed money urgently, Lia restaurant directly fired manager Sun.

That was completely disrespectful.

Jiang Yao didnt even need to think to know that this kind of person was most likely not a kind person.

Now that she looked at it this way, it really was like that.

He had suddenly barged out of the private room and ridiculed people without any reason.

“Manager Sun, I heard that your daughter is hospitalized at the sacred flag hospital.

The medical fees there arent cheap, right Your Wife didnt go to work to take care of your daughter.

Recently, your family must have been crazy poor, right”Liao Ting shook her coat, only then did she realize that even the dress inside was stained with red wine.

She became even angrier, “Tell me, what should I do You Hit Me First.

You have to pay for my clothes! Let me tell you, my clothes arent cheap.

This coat and clothes are worth a few thousand yuan.

This is the first time Im wearing them today.”

Manager Suns frown was so deep that it could kill a fly.

When the waiter not far away saw this, he hurriedly called the person in charge of the floor over, afraid that the matter here would be blown up.

After the person in charge of the floor came over, he glanced at Liao Tings clothes, then turned his head to look at manager Sun and Jiang Yao beside manager Sun.

Although he didnt know Jiang Yao, he knew manager Sun because manager Sun had been treating guests to social events in their hotel recently.

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