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Chapter 690: Chapter 690, sense of superiority (ticket request)

Since it was almost boarding time, Lu Xingzhi couldnt say too much to Jiang Yao.

“I have another purpose for this trip.

I want to bring you back a special handgun that can pass the airports train station security checks.”

“There shouldnt be any danger when you go out this time, right Will your phone work”Jiang Yao was worried about Lu Xingzhis safety.

“Theres no danger.

Once I get off the plane, Ill buy a new phone card at the airport there.

Ill call you again when the time comes.”After Lu Xingzhi finished speaking, the voice urging the passengers to board the plane came from the radio, “Im boarding the plane.

Wait for me in Nanjiang City.

If you hurry, you should be back by tomorrow morning.”

One morning and one night should be enough time for her to finish her work and catch the plane back to Nanjiang City.

“Okay,”Jiang Yao answered before hanging up.

Holding her burning phone, Jiang Yao couldnt calm down for a long time.

Just to find bodyguards for her, he had to rush out of the country.

Because he cared about her safety, he didnt trust anyone to do this.

Only the candidates he had personally assessed would be safe by her side to protect her.

Although Lu Xingzhi told her not to go to the hotel at night, Jiang Yao still asked manager Sun to take her to the hotel in the afternoon after school.

She specially booked a restaurant to treat Lin Teicheng and the other three to a meal, manager Sun, the general manager of Changkang Group, and lawyer Jiang were also with her.

Jiang Yao handed over the special contracts for Lin Teicheng and the others to lawyer Jiang.

After the establishment of Changkang Group, lawyer Jiang officially became the lawyer responsible for some of the legal work of Changkang Group, he was also the only lawyer in the groups legal department at the moment.

These few days, he was so busy that his feet didnt touch the ground.

Gu Haoyu first brought Lin Teicheng and the others to the private room.

Because Jiang Yao was talking to manager Sun along the way, she didnt walk quickly and gradually fell behind.

“Im planning to hold a campus recruitment fair at Nanjiang Medical University.

Youll have to be responsible for this when the time comes.

However, it seems that theres no one in the company who can be in charge of personnel matters now.

Changkang group has nothing to do with sacred flag hospital, so the people from sacred flag hospital cant be used either.”Jiang Yao looked at manager Sun, “Do you know any talents in this field Hire Gao Xin!”! “If it really doesnt work out, when the time comes, ask Lin Teicheng and a few others to help you with the interview.

For the pharmaceutical factory, look for CEO Lu.

Oh right, when will CEO Lu be able to return from Rong County”

“About two more days.”Manager Sun smiled bitterly.

“There are really too few employees in our company.”

“Isnt this just the beginning Dont worry.

Soon, as the general manager, you will be able to enjoy the feeling of being superior to everyone!”Jiang Yao patted manager Suns shoulder, “Ill give you two assistants and two secretaries.

You can choose your own people.

I trust your judgment.”

“Then I really have to thank you, manager Jiang!”Manager Sun was delighted.

The power that Jiang Yao gave him was really unprecedented in history.

As the two were talking, a woman suddenly walked out of a private room.

She held a wine glass in her hand and bumped into manager Sun.

The woman screamed, and the wine in her glass.., splashed on the pure white coat on her body.

“Im sorry.”Although it was the woman who suddenly walked out of the private room and bumped into him, manager Sun was a man and took the lead to apologize.

At the same time, he asked with concern, “Miss, are you okay”

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