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Chapter 689: Chapter 689, dont expose yourself

“Daughter-in-law, remember, dont reveal your ability to protect yourself unless you have no other choice.

This is your trump card.”Lu Xingzhis tone became serious.

“Do you know why I didnt let you get out of the car this morning”

“Because you feel that with you around, you would lose face if you let me do it,”Jiang Yao said frankly.

“No.”Lu Xingzhi directly denied it, “Because, your abilities only need to be known by your own people.

You Dont need outsiders to know you like the back of their hand.

When it comes to outsiders, you need to be inconspicuous.

You only need to be the weak woman in the eyes of others who can not withstand a single blow.

Wife, youre the same as second brother.

You have a look that can easily deceive others.”

“This isnt a compliment, is it”Jiang Yao mumbled.

“Its a compliment.

This is your and second brothers natural advantage.

Second Brother is refined, while you are gentle and charming.

In the eyes of others, second brother is a spring breeze, but in reality, he is an ice sculpture.

In the eyes of others, you are a weak willow, but in reality, you are a dodder, strong and powerful!”

Hearing this, Jiang Yao seemed to understand what Lu Xingzhi was trying to say.

“Only when I am weak enough in the eyes of others will they look down on me when they are dealing with me, right”Jiang Yao said, “For example, in the case of Zhu Qianlan, she thinks that I am an ordinary woman and you are just a poor soldier.

Therefore, she found four thugs to deal with us because she thinks that it is enough for four people to capture two of us.”

“Okay, continue.”Lu Xingzhi held his phone as he stood in the airport of Nanjiang City.

There were people coming and going here, and it was noisy and noisy.

However, his entire attention was on the phone.

“If Zhu Qianlan didnt have such a misunderstanding, if she didnt have such a preconceived contempt, if she knew that I was skilled from the start, or if she knew that you were skilled from the start, then she wouldnt have hired four thugs to deal with us.

She might have hired fifty, a hundred, or even someone from the underworld who specialized in doing these things.

If that was the case, we wouldnt be able to deal with her so easily today.

In fact, she might even get away with it.”

This was what Jiang Yao understood from Lu Xingzhis words.

At this moment, she finally understood that Lu Xingzhi was truly a man of foresight.

He could think of far more and more comprehensive things than she could.

Just from the time he was discovered and followed, his mind had already come up with so many plans.

He coaxed her to stay in the car and did not let her get out.

It was not because of his chauvinism, but because he was using another method to let her have another trump card to protect herself.

If she followed him to make a move today, it was very likely that the news of her skill would spread.

The next time, if someone wanted to plot against her, they would not arrange for a few people so rashly.

“Yes.”After listening to Jiang Yaos words, Lu Xingzhi smiled gently.

He was happy.

His woman was not stupid.

A Little Bit was enough.

“Yaoyao, you are young and you have encountered few things.

There are many things that you need to learn,”Lu Xingzhi said, “This time, Ill find two mercenaries from the foreign mercenary group to be your bodyguards.

In the future, when Im not around, theyll be responsible for protecting you.

Unless its a last resort, you cant reveal your abilities.

If theres danger, theyll attack.

Youll be their master, and youll only be responsible for commanding and giving orders.”

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