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Chapter 688: Chapter 688, find a bodyguard

The person who had rejected principal Wen earlier had taken the initiative to call again, saying that he wanted to meet the boss of the Changkang Group and then consider whether he should join the Changkang Research Institute.

Talented people, those who had some ability, were more or less arrogant.

Jiang Yao understood this point.


Before my husband leaves, make an appointment for everyone to meet.”Jiang Yao nodded and agreed before continuing, “I came to the principal this time to discuss with you.

Changkang group wants to hold a campus recruitment event.

Changkang pharmaceutical and research institute need talents in various positions.

Therefore, I want to recruit new graduates from the school.

This way, after the graduates here graduate, they can directly take up positions at Changkang Group.

Their jobs will be decided in advance, and they will have more time to focus on the graduation assessment.”

“Thats fine!”Principal Wen couldnt find any reason to refuse.

“This is a good thing! Ill draft a document and submit it to the relevant departments for approval.

After the approval, we can start organizing this campus job fair!”

This was a good thing for the school.

Principal Wen couldnt wait to announce this news.

As long as he established a long-term cooperation with Changkang Corporation, it would be very beneficial to the recruitment of students in Nanjiang City.

“By the way, my old friends daughter has recently returned to Nanjiang City.

When youre done here, can you set a time for the two of you to meet”Principal Wen didnt forget about his old friends daughter.

It was only because he knew that Jiang Yao had been very busy recently, that was why he didnt ask Jiang Yao about the meeting.

“Alright, Ill remember this in my heart.”Jiang Yao had indeed been studying the medical skills for treating burns in the system these few days.

Other than the surgery and skin grafting, there were also some studies on topical drugs.

However, she hadnt seen anyone yet, she wasnt sure how serious the burns were.

Not long after leaving the principals office, Jiang Yao received a call from Lu Xingzhi.

It wasnt a big deal.

He just told her that she didnt need to go to the hotel to accompany him tonight.

He was at the airport now and was preparing to go abroad.

“Suddenly go abroad Because of a mission”Jiang Yaos first thought was that he was carrying out some mission.

Otherwise, how could a soldier like Lu Xingzhi go abroad just like that

“No, its a private matter,”Lu Xingzhi explained and said, “Wife, transfer some money into my account.

Be safe, transfer 10 million over first.”

“Are you going to buy me a mountain of gold”Jiang Yao blurted out.

“On the contrary, Im going to blow up a mine,”Lu Xingzhi replied seriously.

No matter how serious Lu Xingzhi was, Jiang Yao didnt believe him.

It wasnt like she couldnt take out 10 million now.

Therefore, she didnt plan to care about why Lu Xingzhi wanted such a large sum of money.

She was just curious.

“With your current identity, can you leave the country”

“With a fake identity, I can go anywhere.

Where can I not go”Lu Xingzhi looked at the id in his hand.

All the information on it was true, but the photo was fake.

It had been replaced by his, “I have to find two capable bodyguards for you this time.

Im not at ease with others going, so I decided to go there myself to choose.”

“Bodyguards Why are you looking for bodyguards for me all of a sudden”Jiang Yao stomped her feet, “You know that I have the ability to protect myself.

During that period of time, you taught me in the army, and I already know how to do it myself.

Besides, I still have some strange medicine with me, and I havent had the chance to try it yet!”

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