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Chapter 685: Chapter 685, the most generous boss

“On behalf of Changkang Corporation, I welcome all of you to join us.

I look forward to seeing all of you create a new miracle for this world!”Jiang Yao shook their hands one by one.

This welcoming speech might sound very official, but.., it was from the bottom of Jiang Yaos heart.

“The hotel has been booked for all of you, and the accommodation has already been arranged for all of you.

Right now, Changkang Corporation has just started construction, so all of you still have quite a long time before you can start working.

During this period of time, you can choose to go home to visit your families or travel around.

You can do whatever you want! And, its paid!”

Jiang Yao was very generous to the people she valued, “Later, I will ask the lawyer to give you the special employment contract.

After you confirm that there are no problems, you can sign it.

After you sign it, the contract will take effect, and you will become the first batch of permanent employees of Changkang Group.

Once the contract takes effect, you will start to enjoy the salary paid by the group.”

“This is really exciting news.”The surprise on Hong Kes face could not be hidden.

“We have the most beautiful female boss in the world, and the most generous boss in the world!”

“Hahaha, you can talk! However, there is no bonus!”With a good temper, Jiang Yao spoke more casually.

She teased them along the way, causing them to burst into laughter.

“Boss, arent you going to introduce this handsome guy next to you”Hong Ke looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was beside Jiang Yao.

“This handsome guy is your boyfriend, right”

Before Jiang Yao could speak, Lu Xingzhi spoke first, “Hes my husband.

Hes married.”

As he spoke, he quickly took out his and Jiang Yaos marriage certificate from his wallet.

After displaying it for two seconds, he put it back and hid the wallet properly.

In an instant, out of the group of people, only Gu Haoyu acted very normal.

Even Jiang Yao was at a loss whether to laugh or cry because of his arrogant manner.

It turned out that there was another use for carrying a marriage certificate with him.

From time to time, he would take it out to prove her identity as his wife.

After receiving the people, Lu Xingzhi and Gu Haoyu discussed for a while.

First, they brought everyone to eat the specialty breakfast in Nanjiang City.

Then, the group of eight departed from the airport and headed straight back to Nanjiang Citys downtown area.

None of Lin Teichengs group of five had ever been to Nanjiang City.

The other four were still fine, at least they had lived in China when they were young.

However, for people like Qiong Hui, who had been born and raised abroad, it was their first time returning to their parentshome country.

Everything was new to them.

As Lin Teichengs group of five had to catch a flight in the middle of the night, they returned to the hotel to rest after breakfast.

Lu Xingzhi drove Jiang Yao back to school.

When he returned to the hotel.., he saw the person sent by director ye to deliver the information to him in the hotel lobby.

After thanking him, Lu Xingzhi took the things and went to look for Gu Haoyu.

After entering Gu Haoyus room, he was not in a hurry to look at the information in his hands.

Instead, he asked, “How many times did you take the wrong path this morning”


Why”Gu Haoyu was making tea.

He bought the tea leaves from the teahouse on the first floor of the hotel.

Drinking tea was his hobby.

However, unlike Liang Yuekai, who did not really pursue tea tasting, Gu Haoyu only made tea by boiling water, he casually threw the tea leaves in.

Therefore, the tea made by Gu Haoyu didnt taste good.

In the eyes of those who loved tea, it was a waste of good tea.

However, for Lu Xingzhi, it was enough to quench his thirst.

Lu Xingzhi replied with an “OH”.

If he were to make fun of him, he wouldnt be able to describe Gu Haoyus face.

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