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Chapter 683: Chapter 683, how much longer

Grandfather du wanted to help his daughter, but he couldnt do anything now.

“Are you planning to send Zhu Qianlan to jail as well”Jiang Yao asked, because they were both attempted kidnappers.

“I wont use the same trick twice.

I havent used the same trick twice.”Lu Xingzhi chuckled, “Moreover, those thugs are employees of the Zhu family company.

It will be very troublesome to get them to change their statements.

If we want to deal with Zhu Qianlan, we have to start from another angle.”

The Zhu Family!

Jiang Yao subconsciously thought of the Zhu family.

When Lu Xingzhi and director ye separated, he asked director ye for information on the Zhu family.

Lu Xingzhi wanted to deal with Zhu Qianlan.

was he planning to start from the Zhu Family

Jiang Yao hadnt gotten the information on the Zhu family yet.

Jiang Yao guessed that Lu Xingzhi hadnt figured out how to operate it yet, so she didnt continue asking.

She turned around and asked about the martial arts that Lu Xingzhi practiced.

“When you were in the Military Academy, did you learn about the damage that every part of the human body can withstand Your attack was very accurate.”

He wanted to make people hurt, but he couldnt move, but it wouldnt kill them.

The place he found was really accurate.

“Yes, after I joined the army, I also had special training,”Lu Xingzhi said.

“I learned a fatal move, and I also learned something like capturing.”

Every year in the army league, he was the all-rounder champion.

There was no exception.

“These thugs today are not evil people.

Although they intend to kidnap, they dont deserve to die.

They still have families, wives, children, and parents.

Therefore, the killing moves I learned need to be changed when I use them on them.”

Lu Xingzhis attacks were indeed vicious, but they were not so vicious that they could kill someone.

The methods he had learned in the military academy and the army were used to deal with vicious criminals and vicious people.

However, they were not used to deal with ordinary people.

Although he was cold-blooded.., he was not a cold-blooded person.

This was the reason why he didnt attack those people ruthlessly.

However, if any of the people who tried to kidnap Jiang Yao today were bad people, they would not be able to get anything out of him today.

“Of course.”Jiang Yaos lips curved into a light smile.

The man she fell in love with was an extremely wise and rational man.

Lu Xingzhi had probably spent all his patience on her in this life.

All his stupidity in this life had probably been put to good use by her.

How fortunate that she was such a beautiful exception in his life.

The two of them drove straight from the alley to the airport.

This time, Lu Xingzhi obviously sped up the car.

They had thought that Gu Haoyu would be able to arrive no matter how lost he was due to the delay in their journey.

They had not expected that when Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi reached the airport entrance, they would give Gu Haoyu a call.

Only then did they know that Gu Haoyu was still on the road.

Jiang Yao unkindly laughed out loud on the phone and asked, “Second brother, do you need me and Xingzhi to pick you up”

“No need, itll be quick.

Ten minutes at most.”Gu Haoyu hung up the phone after saying that.

He was probably already used to Jiang Yaos mockery, so his tone didnt change in the slightest, and there wasnt any displeasure in it.

“How long did second brother say”Lu Xingzhi stopped the car and turned around to look at Jiang Yao

“He said ten minutes,”Jiang Yao replied.

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