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Chapter 68: We Need to Talk

Zhou Weiqi was rather dumbfounded.

Just when he gaped his mouth to say something, the door of the room suddenly burst open and a figure dashed towards him like a wild leopard jumping on its prey.

Before he could see who the person was, the mysterious figure had grabbed the phone out of his hand.

“Brother Xingzhi…” Zhou Weiqi was so startled he literally trembled in shock and horrid as Lu Xingzhi glared at him with his fearsome gaze.

He gave him in a forceful smile and sheepishly slipped back into the room.

Lu Xingzhi didnt plan to go after the mischievous Zhou Weiqi.

Looking down at the phone that was still connected, he put the phone on his ear and said in a deep voice, “Jiang Yao”

“Yes, its me,” Jiang Yao said quickly.

“Zhou Weiqi told me that youre bullying him.”

“He has nothing better to do, dont mind him,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“I didnt know that he would call you when he left the room.”

“I thought it was you!” Jiang Yao murmured.

She had planned to hang up the phone again when a sudden thought struck her and she yelped in surprise.

She had forgotten a very important agenda!

“Xingzhi, is it a convenient time to talk right now I have something very important to tell you!” Jiang Yao knocked her head, annoyed.

She had been wanting to tell him about this matter, yet he didnt call.

However, when he finally did call, she had thrown the most important agenda out the window.

She groaned when she thought about it.

It was Lu Xingzhis fault! Her mind was filled with him all day long.

Lu Xingzhi turned to close the door of the room, walked to the empty corridor where he had spoken with Jiang Yao earlier, and said, “Okay, you can begin now.”

Lu Xingzhi couldnt imagine what kind of matter Jiang Yao would classify asvery important, but he was extremely delighted nonetheless, as this was the first time Jiang Yao wanted to discuss something with him.

Even if she requested for the sun in the sky, he would figure out how to retrieve it for her by all means.

“About ten days ago, I stayed at the county for a few days to keep Xiaoxiao company.

One day, after watching a movie with Xiaoxiao, we went to a Western restaurant in town.

There, we saw Zhao Zhuangzong dining with a pregnant woman.

They were very close and intimate.

By the way, the pregnant woman is Yuqings assistant.

Frankly, their interaction made them look like a normal couple.

In fact, Zhuangzong was caressing the womans belly gently and had even put his ear on it.” Jiang Yao told him the entire story in one breath.

“Then, on several occasions, I bumped in him taking the pregnant woman to the hospital for checkups.

They came out of the hospital hand-in-hand as they got into the car and left.”

After relating her findings, Jiang Yao was very anxious and concerned.

“Xingzhi, based on a womans instinct, I bet that the assistant and our brother-in-law are having an affair.

The worst part is that I think the woman is carrying his baby.”

Jiang Yao was certain that the baby was Zhao Zhuangzongs child, but she didnt have any evidence right now, so she could only express her assumptions and deductions based on her instinct.

She was a little afraid that Lu Xingzhi wouldnt believe her.

So, after a pause, she quickly explained, “Xingzhi, I swear I really saw them.

Xiaoxiao saw them at the restaurant too, but she was somewhat clueless about it.

You can ask her what she saw in the restaurant the other day if you dont believe me.

Although Yuqing scolded me when she came home with the admission letter, I dont hold any grudges against her.

I know that she was angry with me because of you.

I wouldnt fabricate such a ridiculous story just to get back at her…”

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