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Chapter 670: Neighbors in the Future

After entering the door and seeing the balcony on the second floor, he must have thought that it was not bad.

Director Jiang liked rooms with balconies.

Lu Xingzhi had chosen according to Jiang Yaos preferences.

Even his own sister would have to lean back.

Lu Xingzhi was satisfied with this small foreign building.

He immediately hit the bricks and signed a contract with the other party.

Then, he gave Jiang Yao a call.

He first reported the old couples bank account number to Jiang Yao so that she would remember to transfer the money later.

Then, he told Jiang Yao about the house.

After he finished talking, he suddenly remembered that he seemed to be too arbitrary.

He did not think of letting Jiang Yao come over to see if she would like it.

Then, he made up his mind.

Therefore, when the phone mentioned the house, Lu Xingzhi deliberately praised the house more.

He was worried that Jiang Yao would be unhappy and think that he was overbearing.

To be honest, Lu Xingzhi was really used to being overbearing.

Buying a house was no different from buying a suit of clothes that he liked.

Therefore, he really did not remember that buying a house was something that he had to discuss with his wife.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao was also a big-hearted person.

When she heard that Lu Xingzhi had confirmed it so quickly, she did not think that she would have to take a look and write down her account number.

When she heard Lu Xingzhi mention the house, she actually liked it before she had even seen it.

It could only be said that Lu Xingzhi knew her too well and knew to pick the place that she liked.

When Lu Xingzhi was on the phone with Jiang Yao, the two old couple enthusiastically picked pomegranates for Lu Xingzhi and manager Sun in the yard and let them take them home to eat.

When Lu Xingzhi turned around after the call, manager Sun was already holding a small bag of pomegranates in his hand.

“Young master Lu, the old lady said that she wanted to feed our woman,”manager Sun said helplessly.

The old lady said that pomegranates were good for a womans health.

She felt that Lu Xingzhi was good for his wifes pain, so she picked a small bag of pomegranates one by one.

Although Lu Xingzhi didnt talk much and didnt like to talk much, he still had basic etiquette.

He nodded, turned his head, and thanked the old lady.

After discussing the time for the house to be handed over, he left the house with manager Sun.

The couple warmly sent Lu Xingzhi and manager Sun off at the door.

Coincidentally, they saw chairman Huang leading the jumping Huang Chenchen over.

It seemed that he was going to look for the owner and his wife.

“Grandma Xia! Grandpa Xia, you have guests!”Huang Chenchen didnt know Lu Xingzhi and manager Sun, after seeing the person he was looking for, he broke free from chairman Huangs grandfathers hand and threw himself into the old ladys arms.

His small eyes looked into manager Suns small cloth pocket, and then his small mouth pouted, he asked pitifully, “Grandma Xia, did I run out of pomegranates to eat”

“Chairman Huang.”As soon as manager Sun recognized him, he hurriedly greeted him and then introduced, “This is president Jiangs husband, young master Lu.”

He turned to Lu Xingzhi and said, “President Lu, this is president Huang of the Hai run group, President Huangs father.

That little girl is the Chen Chen little girl that President Jiang mentioned.

President Jiang really likes her.”

Hearing that manager Sun said that Jiang Yao liked that little girl very much, Lu Xingzhi glanced at Huang Chen.

It was rare for him to see that little girl looking at him curiously without showing any fear.

Needless to say, Lu Xingzhi also felt that this girl was indeed very likable and brave.

“So its young master Lu!”Chairman Huang smiled.

Last time when Lu Xingzhi was in Nanjiang city, he was in the hospital, so he had never seen Lu Xingzhi before.

“Young master Lu is buying this house Thats a coincidence.

Our House is right next door.

We will be neighbors from now on.”

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