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Chapter 668: Looking at Houses

“Those children”Lu Xingzhi guessed without Jiang Yaos explanation.

“Yes!”Jiang Yao nodded, “I want to build an orphanage in Nanjiang city or a city next to Rong County.

I want to bring those children to Changkang orphanage.

I also want to take in all the children who became orphans because of the flood in Rong County.

I want them to be able to live together with their teachers and friends.”

This was what Jiang Yao wanted to do when she was in Rong County.

Those children were really too sensible.

It was a pity that she didnt have enough money on hand at that time.

She couldnt do anything at all.

It was already the limit to allocate a portion of the funds from Changkang Corporation to buy supplies.

Building an orphanage wasnt a money-saving thing because it was an investment that wouldnt have any returns in the long term.

But now that she had money in her hands, she could do what she wanted to do.

Since Lu Xingzhi had guessed what Jiang Yao was going to do, he would not object.

He hummed in acknowledgment and looked at her eyes before raising his hand to touch them again.

“Are you sure theres no problem”

It was obvious that he was more concerned about her health.

“Its fine.”Jiang Yao reached out to shake Lu Xingzhis hand and shook her head.

“Its just that dont think Im weird.

Its good that you think I have too many secrets.”

“Not bad.”Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

“With you around, at least I wont be short of money in the future.

If I run out of money, I can go to the raw stone trading center and walk around.

The money will come.

So I married such a treasure Trove.”

Jiang Yao burst into laughter when she heard that.

If she could still joke, it meant that she really didnt care.

She pounced on Lu Xingzhi happily.

Kneeling on the bed, she hugged Lu Xingzhi, who was standing beside the bed, and kissed him.

Then, this small action that she subconsciously made out of joy caused her to be tossed and turned by Lu Xingzhi for the entire night.

The next morning, after breakfast, Lu Xingzhi drove Jiang Yao to school.

After informing Gu Haoyu, he went out to look for manager Sun and went to look at houses with him.

Lu Xingzhi could pay for his meals with the money he had now, but there was no way he could buy a house.

When he said that he would transfer all the money to Jiang Yao, he really did not keep it for himself.

He transferred all the money that could be transferred to Jiang Yao to her, hoping that.., what she wanted to do could be accomplished smoothly.

However, last night, his treasure-gathering wife had made a deposit, so he had more money to buy a house.

There was no need for him to ask Gu Haoyu and Liang Yueze for an excuse.

The house that manager Sun had contacted belonged to the wealthy district on Wuqiao Road.

The houses here were all single-family villas with a good environment.

Because the people who came in and out were all wealthy people from Nanjiang city, the security was also good, there were no ordinary citizens or hooligans coming in and out.

“This house has only been built for more than two years.

The husband and wife are going to emigrate with their children, so the house has to be sold.”Manager Sun brought Lu Xingzhi to a small white foreign house.

It could be seen that the original owner of the small house was a person who loved life very much.

The fence at the door was covered with green plants.

It looked lively.

The dog inside barked twice when it heard footsteps, leading the owner out.

The owner was an old couple.

They were very friendly.

After they came out, they patted the barking dog and greeted Lu Xingzhi and manager Sun.

“Are you here to look at the house”The old couple invited Lu Xingzhi and manager Sun into the house and said, “Weve only lived in this house for two years.

A lot of things are new.

Usually, only the two of US and the nanny live in the whole house.”

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