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Chapter 666: Am I Injured

“Do you think highly of their research projects” Gu Haoyu was a little surprised to see Jiang Yaos excited attitude.

“Yes, very highly!”Jiang Yao nodded repeatedly.

Gu Haoyu saw that Jiang Yao didnt have the slightest intention of exaggerating or joking, so he confirmed that what Jiang Yao said was true.

Then, he stood up, took out his cell phone, and went to the side to make a call.

Gu Haoyu was speaking in a foreign language, so he spoke very quickly.

Jiang Yao found it a little difficult to listen to him.

Gu Haoyu also made the call for a long time.

After more than half an hour, he walked back and said to Jiang Yao, “They were very excited.

They said that they had made an appointment to book the nearest plane ticket back to the country! They said that they would quit their job over there overnight, and they decided to return to the country to develop.”

The conditions that Jiang Yao gave to those crazy demons who were passionate about research were really no different from the sweet dew of the Yang branch in the desert

“Thats Great!”Jiang Yao patted her thigh in excitement.

After patting her thigh, she frowned from the pain.

Lu Xingzhi took a look and directly glanced at Gu haoyu.

The latter had a smile on the corner of his lips.

He felt that he was being despised, so he left their room and left.

After Gu Haoyu left, Lu Xingzhi got up and moved closer to Jiang Yao.

With a straight face, he said, “Are you stupid Why did you use so much strength on yourself”

Before Jiang Yao could react, he reached out and folded Jiang Yaos pants.

Then, he folded them to her knees.

When he realized that they could not be folded, he urged, “Quickly take off your pants and see if they are red from your slap.

Do you want to apply medicine”

“No! No!”Jiang Yao shook her head repeatedly.

“It was just a pain.

I was just a little too excited!”

Jiang Yao carefully put away the documents on the table and continued, “These people are in such a hurry to return to the country.

It can be seen that they are really tired of staying abroad.”

“Discrimination is serious.

Who wouldnt want to return to the country if they could”Lu Xingzhi did not find it strange at all, “Our country pays too little attention to research and innovation.

Therefore, there is basically no place for these researchers in our country.

Even second brother has to stay abroad to develop, and his company was founded overseas.

These people have no choice but to stay abroad.

Now that you have extended an olive branch to them, they will naturally return to their country happily.”

“Thats true.

To them, wherever they go to do research, its all research.

As long as the boss is good, its fine.”Jiang Yao curved her lips into a smile.

“Im starting to look forward to the establishment of the Research Institute.”

In the beginning, she had only intended to use the research institute as a shield, but now, she wasnt in such a mood.

Jiang Yao hoped that her research institute could do something for this industry and this country.

She also hoped that her research institute would be able to attract talents from abroad so that the talents from her own country would not be lost to other countries.

Then, she would have to live a life of living under someone elses roof.

Lu Xingzhi watched as Jiang Yao sorted out the documents.

He did not help her.

After she was done sorting out the documents and putting them away, he walked over and carried her into the suite.

He didnt want to do anything.

He just wanted to see if Jiang Yaos silly leg slapping action had swollen her leg.

However, when he took off Jiang Yaos pants and saw that there was nothing wrong with her leg, he glanced at her slender leg and started to feel restless.

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