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Chapter 660: Discussing Buying a House

First of all, he had to see where Changkang Groups company address was.

Only then would he be able to buy a house halfway, so as to avoid finding a bad location.

It was either Lu Yuqing who would have trouble going to work in the future, or Jiang Yao who would have trouble going to school in the future.

He didnt know where the Qi family had heard the news that Lu Xingzhi had come to Nanjiang City again.

While Lu Xingzhi was talking to manager Sun, the Qi family had called Lu Xingzhi and said that they wanted to make an appointment to treat Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao to a meal.

Lu Xingzhi perfunctorily rejected them.

He had only been in Nanjiang City for a few days, so he did not have the energy to deal with the Qi family.

However, Lu Xingzhi guessed that the Qi family might have heard the news from director Ye.

After Lu Xingzhi hung up the phone, manager Sun showed Lu Xingzhi the map of Nanjiang City and placed it in front of him.

He said, “The land of Changkang Company is here, and President Jiangs school is here.

If you buy the house here at Wuqiao Road, there is a fast lane that is almost completed.

In the future, president Lu will only need to drive 20 minutes to go to work, and president Jiang will only need to drive half an hour to go to school.

There is no need to take a detour.

Manager Sun was referring to Lu Yuqing.

He asked, “Young Master Lu, how big do you want to buy”

“At least five rooms in a small loft.

It cant be too small.

If theres a villa, we can take a look.

” Lu Xingzhi still didnt know how much money Jiang Yao had left after investing in Changkang to buy a house, he also didnt know what the housing prices in Nanjiang City were like.

If the villa wasnt too expensive, he could borrow some from his eldest brother and second brother.

Otherwise, he could borrow some from his family.

If the housing prices were expensive, then he could only consider the small jump story that had at least five rooms.

One would be used as Lu Yuqings study, One Would Be Lu Yuqings room, one would be his and Jiang Yaos room, and one would be renovated into a shooting training room, the other room would be reserved for his parents back home.

If Lu Yuqing also stayed in Nanjiang City, his parents would definitely come to Nanjiang city often when they were free.

Therefore, they had to reserve a room for them.

After manager Sun heard this, he immediately fell silent.

He thought to himself, how different is the small loft with five rooms from a single-story villa

The economy of Nanjiang city was not as prosperous as that of Jingdou.

The houses here had not entered the real stage of sale.

The houses in the city now required five rooms, or they were old small courtyards, or they were new houses that had just been built in recent years.

As for the old small courtyards, manager Sun did not need to ask much to know that young master Lu would never accept them.

Because that kind of house was dirty and old, young master Lu would never agree to let President Jiang and president lu live in that kind of house.

If he bought that kind of small courtyard, he could demolish it and build it again.

The money he spent on it wouldnt be much cheaper than buying that kind of single-family villa.

Moreover, he would need to spend time to build the house, and it would take a lot of time and effort to renovate it from the inside out.

“Young master Lu, there are many single-family villas in this area.

I can ask someone to find out who is going to sell the houses here recently, ” manager Sun answered decisively.

Lu Xingzhi grunted in gratitude.

Just as he was about to speak, his phone suddenly rang.

He looked and saw that it was a call from Gu Haoyu who was overseas.

“Third brother, you are in Nanjiang City right now, right ” At this moment, Gu Haoyu was pushing his luggage and standing in the airport lobby of Nanjiang City.

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