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Chapter 657: Ill Tell You This Too

Jiang Lei knew that Jiang Yao had a cell phone, but he didnt call her often because he was afraid that it would affect her classes.

When he suddenly received a call from Jiang Yao, he thought that Jiang Yao was looking for him for something important.

“My colleague said that you called me at the Office at noon Is it something important ” Jiang Lei was a little worried when he asked.

“Are you not used to being alone in Nanjiang City ”

“Does it have to be something ” Jiang Yao smiled gently.

“Im quite good in Nanjiang City.

Im not not used to it.

My classmates and friends are very friendly.

Jiang lei replied with an “OH” and subconsciously said, “So you dont have enough pocket money ”

Before Jiang Yao got married, Jiang Lei and Jiang Jie would give her pocket money when they came out to work.

They would let her buy whatever she liked in school.

Sometimes, when she went to the county town and saw beautiful clothes, they would also buy them back for her.

When the three siblings were still studying, Jiang Jie and Jiang Lei doted on their younger sister the same way.

Usually, they would deduct some pocket money from their elders, so they would not spend it recklessly.

They would save it and wait for Jiang Yaos birthday, they would buy some small gifts for her.

It was probably because they were used to receiving pocket money from their elder brother to their younger sister.

Therefore, Jiang Lei subconsciously felt that his younger sister might have used up all her pocket money from studying.

After he finished asking, he only realized that his sister had already married.

“Whats so funny Dont think that youre embarrassed to ask me for money just because youre married.

Even if youre 70 or 80 years old, youre still my sister.

As long as I can afford it, Ill still give it to you, ” Jiang Lei explained, “If youre embarrassed to ask for it from the Lu family, its the same as telling me.

Ive recently changed jobs and my salary has increased quite a bit.

“Jiang Lei, at this time, youre especially like a competent brother, ” Jiang Yao teased before explaining, “Its not that Im short of money.

Lu Xingzhis entire fortune is in my hands.

But if second brother is short of money, you can tell me.

In the past, you and Big Brother doted on me.

Now, its my turn to properly show filial piety to the two of you.

After chatting with Jiang Lei for a while, Jiang Yao finally got to the point, “Today, Xiaoxiao called me and said that youre always bullying her.

Jiang Lei, Youre a man.

Why are you always bullying a little girl Cant you give her some leeway She said that if you continue to bully her, shes going to perish together with you.

“What Jiang Lei Youre being rude again! Also, Lu Xiaoxiao is still a little girl, right If I remember correctly, shes older than you, right and she still looks like she hasnt weaned yet.

She came to you to complain If shes capable, Ill teach her a lesson! ”

Jiang Lei felt a stomachache when he heard Jiang Yao call his name.

When he heard Lu Xiaoxiao come to complain to Jiang Yao, he felt even more troubled.

“He didnt go to the Lu family to spout nonsense, did he He didnt go to Lu Xingzhi to complain, did he ”

“No, Xiaoxiao isnt that kind of person, ” Jiang Yao quickly said.

“Shes just angry that you kept bullying her, so she called me directly.

“Second brother, you can listen to me call you second brother if you want, but theres a sentence that I have to tell you even if its unpleasant to the ear.


Although Xiaoxiao was usually noisy, she didnt know how to lie and wouldnt play tricks on people for no reason.

She didnt have any grudges with your girlfriend, so theres no need to frame your girlfriend.

“She also told you that ” Jiang Lei was slightly angry.

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