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Chapter 656: Who Exactly Did He Offend

Anyone with a discerning eye would know that this was the Zhu familys problem.

Someone was trying to mess with the Zhu family behind their back.

For the entire afternoon, Zhu Qianliang and Zhu Qianlan were exhausted from dealing with the situation.

After they finally sent these people away, Zhu Qianliang called Zhu Qianlan to speak alone in the office.

“Previously, Dad said that you must have offended someone in Nanjiang city, which is why there was a problem with the raw stone transaction this time.

Now, the company has come to these departments to investigate this and that.

Zhu Qianlan, think carefully.

Who exactly did you offend ”

In his anger, Zhu Qianliang didnt even call her sister.

Instead, he called her by her first name, “When we were at home, Dad and mom said that if you dont control your temper, you wont be able to achieve great things.

I say, Zhu Qianlan, cant you let dad, Mom, and Me, as your younger brother, save you some trouble ”

“How would I know who Ive Offended ” Zhu Qianlans heart was filled with anger and she didnt know who to vent it on, “Ive been in Nanjiang City for so many years, and my temper has always been like this.

Ive always been fine, but who would have thought that Ive been so unlucky recently! Its all because of that Jiang Yao! Ever since she appeared, nothing good has happened! That Jinx! ”

Zhu Qianlan gritted her teeth and cursed, blaming all of her recent displeasure on Jiang Yao.

After all, ever since she appeared, nothing had gone smoothly for her!

Zhu Qianliang found a key point in Zhu Qianlans cursing, “Youre saying that these things only happened after you and Jiang Yao had a feud “SIS, when did you and Jiang Yao get to know each other “How did you offend her “When do you think you can be smarter “Jiang Yaos husband is obviously not an ordinary person.

How did you say that hes a poor soldier who lives off women ”

Zhu Qianliang suspected that Zhu Qianlan was really unlucky because she had offended Jiang Yao.

If Jiang Yaos husbands identity was not simple, it would be really easy for him to deal with a brainless person like Zhu Qianlan.

Moreover, it was also a coincidence.

They had an unpleasant conversation in the restaurant at noon, and in the afternoon, trouble started to happen at the company.

It was really too much of a coincidence to call it a coincidence.

“I think that Jiang Yaos husband is a poor soldier! You didnt see how he looked in his military uniform.

His beard was messy, and he looked like a poor man! ” Zhu Qianlan was also unconvinced, “Didnt you ask someone to investigate the identity of Jiang Yao and her husband ”

“Its been an afternoon, and theres still no news.

Its probably not easy to investigate, ” Zhu Qianliang said.

“If Jiang Yaos husband is really the second generation of a high-ranking military official, our people might not be able to find out his identity.

Thinking of this, Zhu Qianliang decided not to sit still and wait for death.

If this continued, how would the Zhu family company have any reputation and credibility in Nanjiang City

“Ill go there personally.

” After Zhu Qianliang said that, he picked up the car keys on the table and thought to himself, the people who went to the raw stone trading ground today were people from the Public Security Bureau.

They went in to investigate in the name of causing trouble and gambling.

In the afternoon, there were some tax bureaus.., the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and the fire department came over to investigate.

Therefore, he decided to go to the Bureau of Industry and commerce to get some information first.

Jiang Yao returned to her dormitory.

The girls in the dormitory didnt have lunch breaks.

Until now, the topic of their conversation was still dinner.

After Jiang Yao went in, she greeted a few people.

Before she could resist the teasing of these girls, Jiang Leis call came in.

Jiang Yao called Jiang Lei when she was in the hotel at noon.

However, Jiang Lei didnt have a cell phone, so she called the landline in the office of Jiang Leis factory.

She asked the person who answered the phone to tell him to call her back when Jiang Lei was free.

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