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Chapter 652: Not Bodhisattva

Zhu Qianliang even guessed that given how protective this man was of his wifes heart, the relationship between that woman called Jiang Yao and Huang Chengjing was definitely not the messy relationship that Zhu Qianlan had mentioned.

Hai Run Corporation was powerful, but Huang Chengjing was a smart person.

He definitely did not have the guts to touch such a mans woman.

Without getting an answer from the two, Zhu Qianliang was even more certain of his guess.

How could someone so arrogant be the kind of person that Zhu Qianlan talked about

At that moment, Zhu Qianliang really hated his biological sister, Zhu Qianlan, to death.

It was all her fault for being stupid.

She could not even tell if she was a lion or a rabbit.

She could only blame herself for being careless.

She clearly knew what kind of personality her sister had, yet she still trusted him so easily.

“I dont have any bad intentions.

I just want to ask for Miss Jiangs help.” Zhu Qianliang spoke again, and his tone was filled with respect and pleading, no longer as arrogant as before.

“Im not helping you.

Scram.” Lu Xingzhi felt that this man called Zhu Qianliang was stupid.

Did he, Lu Xingzhi, look like such a nice person

Someone who had just been taught a lesson, how could a simple apology be exchanged for his kind words

“Sir, why do you call me that I am Zhu Qianliang, Zhu Qianlans younger brother.

Previously, my sister had offended Miss Jiang, so I apologize on behalf of my sister and Miss Jiang.

This matter concerns my sisters future.

My sister is a lone woman, and it is not easy for her to gain a foothold in a city.

Therefore, I beg Miss Jiang to help my sister this once.

As long as Miss Jiang is willing to help my sister, you can name any condition.”

Zhu Qianliang was more cunning than Zhu Qianlan.

He asked Lu Xingzhi a few questions to confirm his identity.

Now that he had a name, it was much easier for him to investigate this person.

“Its none of my business.” Jiang Yao stood behind Lu Xingzhi and slowly replied, “Im not a Bodhisattva, so how can I save everyone”

Lu Xingzhi lowered his eyes and looked at his little wife behind him.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly.

He liked how his wife could drive people to their graves with a straight face.

Zhu Qianliang didnt know what to say after being choked by Jiang Yaos words.

He had said those words because he thought that Jiang Yao was also a woman.

Under normal circumstances, women tended to be soft-hearted, so he wanted to make Zhu Qianlan sound more pitiful so that Jiang Yao would feel compassion.

Zhu Qianlan might be dumb, but she was still his biological sister, the sister who had always protected him when he was young.

“Miss Jiang, are you bearing a grudge against my sister for misunderstanding you earlier Why dont you ask my sister to apologize to you personally” Zhu Qianliang said, “To Miss Jiang, this favor is just a small matter, but to my sister, it concerns her future life.”

“Its no big deal, but that depends on whether my people are willing to do it.” Lu Xingzhis lips twitched as he sneered.

“Dont use money to do things.

Do my wife and I look like beggars who lack money from your Zhu family”

Lu Xingzhis tone wasnt good because he really didnt have the patience to deal with these two siblings.

“If youre done, then hurry up and leave! Dont wait until you really piss me off and come begging on your knees.” The threat in Lu Xingzhis tone was obvious.

Zhu Qianliang knew how to read peoples faces.

He also knew that if he continued to stay here, he would really anger the other party.

Since he still could not figure out the other partys identity, Zhu Qianliang chose to take Zhu Qianlan away safely and left the restaurant.

After they left, the restaurant manager walked over, trembling, and pretended to show some concern.

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