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Chapter 649: Tender Love

“Why Do you have a problem with that”

Seeing that Jiang Yao was looking at him so directly, Lu Xingzhi poured her a glass of water.

“This holiday can be said to have come from heaven.

Its rare for me to come to Nanjiang City.

Dont tell me you want me to stay alone in the hotel every day”

“No, I thought you would ask me not to go to school for the next few days and stay with you,” Jiang Yao explained.

She had planned to do that.

It didnt matter if she didnt attend school, so she originally thought that since Lu Xingzhi had a rare break, she would take a few days off to accompany him.

Unexpectedly, Lu Xingzhi only told her to go to the hotel to accompany her at night.

“No need.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

“We still have to go to class.

You go to class during the day, and Ill go to the house.

Well just be together at night.”

Lu Xingzhi came to Nanjiang City to do something.

Buying a house was not a simple matter.

He went everywhere to look at houses all day long, so there was no need for Jiang Yao to suffer with him.

As the two chatted, the dishes were served.

Although Lu Xingzhi had a strong taste, when he was with Jiang Yao, he always accommodated Jiang Yaos taste.

Therefore, the dishes served on the table were all light dishes.

In any case, with Jiang Yao sitting opposite him, even if it was eating cornbread, it was still a feast for his eyes.

After the dishes were served, Jiang Yao put her phone back into her bag and concentrated on eating.

She and Lu Xingzhi sat facing each other.

Lu Xingzhi was facing the entrance of the restaurant while she had her back facing him.

As they were chatting, they suddenly noticed Lu Xingzhis gaze shoot towards the door.

That gaze instantly became fierce.

Jiang Yao was stunned and curiously turned around to look at the door.

She saw Zhu Qianlan walking past her.

Zhu Qianlan probably noticed Jiang Yao as well.

Her footsteps paused at the table for a second.

She glanced at the person in the seat, then scoffed and walked in with light footsteps.

Jiang Yao watched as Zhu Qianlan walked to a seat where there was only one man.

From the looks of it, the two of them had arranged to meet.

She retracted her gaze and urged Lu Xingzhi, “Eat our food.

Theres no need to care about her.

Huang Cheng actually said that shell be leaving Nanjiang City soon.

This kind of woman thinks shes very smart and capable, but shes actually very stupid.”

This was Jiang Yaos impression and evaluation of Zhu Qianlan.

Zhu Qianlan had probably been flattered by her family since she was young, so she was a little conceited.

She did not even know how to restrain her temper when it came to business.

Lu Xingzhi didnt respond to Jiang Yao.

Instead, he picked up his chopsticks and gave Jiang Yao a few mouthfuls of food.

When he saw Jiang Yaos expression as she frequently picked up his food and ate it seriously, he secretly smiled.

Actually, watching Jiang Yao eat was also something to enjoy.

Although the Jiang family was poor, Father and Mother Jiang were very strict when it came to teaching their children how to eat.

When she ate, there was hardly any chewing sounds and everything he ordered was her favorite.

When the food entered her mouth, her face would sometimes reveal a happy expression.

It could be seen that she was actually a delicious person.

Of course, what Lu Xingzhi liked the most was to use his chopsticks to pick up food for her.

In the past, after this matter was done, she would definitely turn cold and not touch it.

But now, she didnt have any reaction at all.

She ate as usual.

Sometimes, she wanted to eat something, but she was too far away.

She couldnt be bothered to reach out her hand, so she would look at him and use her eyes to ask him for help.

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