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Chapter 644: Bodhisattvas Blessing

On Friday, Jiang Yao left in a hurry and asked Wen Xuehui to apply for leave.

She didnt say how long she would take and didnt return to the dormitory after that.

She couldnt even get through to her phone.

Wen Xuehui had been worried sick for the past few days.

When she finally received Jiang Yaos call, Wen Xuehui was discussing with Principal Wen whether to call the police.

“You still know how to call me How many days has it been I cant get through to you.

If you were kidnapped, your body would probably be dead by now!”

The moment she picked up Jiang Yaos call, Wen Xuehui was so angry that she scolded her.

“Your pet is better than you.

Tell me, why are you so good at running with your thin arms and legs” Wen Xuehui said fiercely.

“I should break your legs and let you run around!”

“I went to Rong County to be a volunteer.

There was a power outage there, and there was no signal on my phone.

Im sorry to have worried you.

If something like this happens again, Ill tell you in advance so that you wont worry.” Jiang Yao quickly explained where she had been the past few days.

“Volunteer” Wen Xuehui was stunned.

She really did not expect Jiang Yao to go to Rong County.

She continued, “Then you know that the soldier was found and saved, right The radio said that the soldiers life was not in danger and that he was only slightly injured.

Is that true”

“Its true, its true.

The soldier is fine.” Jiang Yao knew that the girl in the dormitory must have been paying attention to this.

Otherwise, Wen Xuehui would not have asked her.

Upon hearing Jiang Yaos words, Wen Xuehui heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its really the blessing of Buddha!”

Jiang Yao pursed her lips.

She was not Bodhisattva.

“When are you going back to school”

“I dont know.

Lets take a look.

My husband is in Nanjiang City.” Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi, who was driving.

Probably because he heard her mention the wordhusband, Lu Xingzhi turned to look at her with a smile in his eyes.

He seemed very happy to hear her mention him to her roommate.

“Tell your roommates to treat them to dinner if theyre free tonight,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Jiang Yao conveyed Lu Xingzhis words to Wen Xuehui.

Then, Wen Xuehuis extremely excited voice came through the phone.

“Im free! Im free! Im free even if I skip the elective class tonight! Then you should accompany your husband well.

Ill talk to Siyang and the others.”

Wen Xuehui hung up immediately.

Jiang Yao put away her phone and looked at Lu Xingzhi before asking, “Which hotel are you staying at tonight Can Mimi stay with you first I dont know if I can raise Mimi in the hostel.

If I cant, I can only give her to someone else.”

Initially, Jiang Yao thought that it would be good to hand her over to Huang Cheng if she could not raise her.

However, after spending a day with Mimi, Jiang Yao felt a little reluctant.

This was probably a kind of fate between humans and animals.

After getting along with each other, there would be an inexplicable bond.

Jiang Yaos voice was very soft when she asked.

When she spoke, her hand was still gently touching Mimi, who was sleeping on her knees.

Even Lu Xingzhi could feel that she couldnt bear to part with that kitten.

“Since you want to keep it, then keep it for yourself.

Its just a pet.” What she liked was not a kitten, but a tiger or a beast.

As long as it did not hurt her, she could keep it.

“But sometimes, its not convenient to stay in the dormitory.

There are people who come to investigate.” Jiang Yao sighed.

Mimi was not as intelligent as Mo.

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