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Chapter 641: I Refused

After thinking for a while longer, the soldier said nothing.

He thought his act of bringing Jiang Yao over to be a silly one.

Fortunately, she was much smarter.

She chose not to wait for Lu Xingzhi and returned to Changkang Groups relief site after bidding goodbye to the soldier.

Jiang Yao was only away for a while when she came back to see Huang Chengjing here.

He seemed to know exactly when Lu Xingzhi had left and hurriedly came over just to see a certain someone.

“Jiang Yao.” He smiled at her.

“Im sorry for the troubles caused by Zhu Qianlan.”

“You know” Jiang Yao looked toward Lu Yuqing.

However, she did not even glance this way.

Did Huang Chengjing not feel awkward standing here alone just now

“She told me you were married, that was all I needed to know.” Huang Chengjing frowned when Zhu Qianlan was mentioned.

But just as quickly, he smiled.

“I heard she is leaving Nanjiang City soon.

Previously, the Zhu familys trade fair did not produce a single piece of valuable raw stone.

People in the industry are talking about how their fortunes are currently going downhill.

The stones they sell will get less valuable as time goes by.”

Jiang Yao was thrilled to hear it.

“Not a single piece, huh” The good ones were acquired by her and Huang Chengjing after all.

“She came all the way to Rong County to see me, wanting me to open my stones over at hers,” said Huang Chengjing.

“She was probably unhappy and thought it impossible for that many stones to all be of awful quality.”

He paused briefly and continued, “The current head of the Zhu family is not a silly person.

He probably guessed that she offended people in Nanjiang City and was set up.

Although they could not find out much about it, the head intends to switch Zhu Qianlan with a junior, who would be responsible for the market here at Nanjiang City.”

Jiang Yao immediately understood that the reason Zhu Qianlan came all the way to Rong County, just for the stones in Huang Chengjings possession.

Wanting to replace her since the head of the Zhu family was convinced that she made a mess of things, however, she did not want to leave mostly due to her unwillingness to part with the business she built over at Nanjiang City and Huang Chengjing himself.

That was why she came all the way here wanting Huang Chegngjings help.

It did not matter if the stones purchased by Huang Chengjing were of low quality.

Everyone saw him acquiring many stones that day at the trade fair.

As long as he releases a statement saying that his purchases were valuable, it was a win for Zhu Qianlan, who would have saved the Zhu familys reputation in Nanjiang City.

If that happened, the focus would turn to Huang Chengjing, remarking on the good fortune he had.

“Did you agree to it” Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows.

Huang Chengjing quickly shook his head.

“I refused.

I remember my promise to you.

I told her that all the stones were of bad quality and expressed my inability to help.”

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