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Chapter 64: Speaks With a Forked Tongue

Moreover, Liang Yueze noticed that despite having his call cut off abruptly, Lu Xingzhi didnt show the slightest distress or frustration.

In fact, he literally saw the smiley curls of the mans lips.

Unlike his previous attempts where he didnt care for the phone after unsuccessful calls, he now kept his eyes on the phone at all times.

He presumed that perhaps Jiang Yao would take the initiative to call back this time.

Liang Yueze found the analysis and deduction a little surprising, but he didnt barge in upon seeing Lu Xingzhis happy expression.

On second thought, Liang Yueze asked with a hint of probing, “My wedding with Lauren will be on National Day.

Save the date.”

Lu Xingzhi looked up at Liang Yueze and nodded.

“Okay, Ill attend with Jiang Yao.”

Liang Yueze smiled at his answer.

Then, he turned to continue eating with Luo Lauren, ignoring Lu Xingzhis minute gestures.

Chen Xuyao was not much of a dimwit, after all.

He comprehended Liang Yuezes intention as soon as he heard the simple conversation between the two guys.

He was impressed by Liang Yuezes smartness in probing into Lu Xingzhis relationship with his wife with just a simple question.

It seemed that their relationship had improved by leaps and bounds after his visit.

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqi, who was as clueless as always, stared at the men who were donning mysterious grin on their faces.

What happened Why couldnt he keep up with their pace Why did he feel as if hed just missed some important information Did he need to recharge his IQ

When the phone rang again, Lu Xingzhi picked up the phone like greased lightning.

He was so quick that Zhou Weiqi stretched his hand out to grasp on the air, annoying that he missed the chance to answer the phone.

Jiang Yao was just throwing a tantrum when she hung up earlier.

She regretted the decision after hanging up, though.

She waited by the phone to see if Lu Xingzhi would call her back, but to no avail.

Five minutes later, she got antsy as the phone remained silent.

She picked up the phone and dialed the incoming number earlier.

“Hello,” Jiang Yao said awkwardly.

She felt a little timid for calling back after hanging up on him, so she spoke in a deep and restrained tone.

After the greeting, she stopped talking and waited for Lu Xingzhi to speak.

Lu Xingzhi took the phone and exited the room.

He stood at the corridor and looked out of the window to view the scenery outside, smiling delightedly and joyfully.

“Why did the call disconnect so abruptly just now” Lu Xingzhi asked, amused.

Jiang Yao chuckled at his question and replied, “Oh yes, I dont know whats going on.” Thankful for Lu Xingzhis quick-witted response, she quickly changed the topic and said, “Have you been busy lately Why are you only calling me now”

“Well, yes.

After disembarking the flight, I was sent on a mission before I could even return to the base.

Ive just complete the mission today and Im having dinner with my friends outside,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

“Were you worried”

“No!” Jiang Yao denied frantically.

“Uhm, just a little.

Mom and Dad said that youre a grown-up and theres nothing to worry about, right So, Im not so worried.”

Lu Xingzhi grinned at the other end of the line.

Jiang Yao was such an adorable little lady who spoke with a forked tongue.

Didnt she just hang up on him earlier because she was too worried to the point she got agitated Right now, however, she was too embarrassed to even admit it.

“Yes, theyre right.” Then, Lu Xingzhi reminded her again, “Sometimes, I cant be reached due to missions that would emerge out of nowhere.

Dont worry, Im fine.”

“I know, but you must look after yourself.” Jiang Yao felt her heart beating frantically again when she thought about him being buried under the muddy landslide before rebirth.

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