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Chapter 630: Tramp

Lu Xingzhi wanted to say more but seeing the masses of people moving around the tent, he lifted Jiang Yao up and carried her outside on his shoulders.

“Lu Xingzhi, go gentle on your wife!” Lu Yuqing was so close to hitting her low-EQ brother.

Lu Xingzhi could not care less.

He ran all the way, with Jiang Yao on his shoulders, to the little isolated corner they were at yesterday.

Not far away at Changkang Groups relief site, Zhu Qianlan was seen together with Chen Feitang.

They did not know each other though as Zhu Qianlan wanted to know how to get to Hairun Groups site.

She saw Chen Feitang, a female soldier, standing around and asked her for directions.

She did not expect to see the girl, who was in intimate interaction with Huang Chengjing at the trade fair previously, to be carried away on another mans shoulder.

“Tsk, I dont know whats wrong with Huang Chengjing, falling for such a tramp.” Zhu Qianlan snickered and asked, “Oi, do you know that man over there What is his relationship with that girl”

Chen Feitang was extremely irritated at Zhu Qianlans attitude.

If not for her remarks on Jiang Yao, Chen Feitang would have left her then and there.

She was the daughter of the Chen family, nobody else disrespected her like that!

Zhu Qianlan hailed from the south and the Zhu family had no business in the north nor connections in the military.

That was why she did not recognize Chen Feitangs ranking.

In her opinion, only the impoverished and the underprivileged would join the military.

As for female soldiers, she thought, they were ranked even lower than their male counterparts.

An extremely arrogant person, Zhu Qianlan had little respect for the people she thought were beneath her.

“You know Jiang Yao” Chen Feitang asked.

Zhu Qianlan nodded.

“Thats right, its her name! Jiang Yao! What is her relationship with that man”

“They are husband and wife.” Even though Chen Feitang did not want to admit it, it was the truth.

They were a legally-married couple.

“You said she was a tramp, what did you mean by that You know her too”

“A married couple That woman is married” Zhu Qianlan focused her attention on the fact that Jiang Yao was actually married!

“I cannot believe it! She was trying to seduce Huang Chengjing! What a whore!” Zhu Qianlan clenched her fists in fury.

“How dare she come right onto the man I fancy!”

“Please do not speak about things you have no evidence on! She is a military spouse.

You will be charged in military court if you are found guilty of defamation.” Chen Feitang reminded her coldly but she believed everything Zhu Qianlan said deep down in her heart.

That was what she thought too.

How could a young girl like Jiang Yao be so mature

As a soldier, Lu Xingzhi spent most of his time in the platoon.

How could a nineteen-year-old girl like Jiang Yao stand the loneliness that came with her husbands career

That was it! She was cheating behind his back!

“Evidence I saw it myself, I am the witness! Let me tell you, do not for once think of protecting your comrades wife and scare me with the military court! I am the daughter of the Zhu family!” Zhu Qianlan had only one thought, that was to reveal to Huang Chengjing the fact that Jiang Yao was married.

She did not want him to be fooled.

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