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Chapter 627: Moe Left

Jiang Yao knew how to speak and was not out to take credit.

That being said, she would not downplay the danger during her rescue of Chen Feibai.

After all, it was the Chen family.

If it were the Liang family instead, Jiang Yao would only say that both Chen Feibai and her were lucky.

That was all.

Unlike now, where she revealed half of her story, inducing her listeners to imagine the danger faced.

“Wonderful!” General Chen heard the humility in Jiang Yaos reply and knew she purposely skipped over some details.

As a seasoned veteran, however, he knew what happened just by listening between the lines.

“Ive always heard the Liangs praising you, and how much Xingzhi appreciates you.

It seems like he got himself an amazing wife!” General Chen remarked.

“You are a brave and kind soul!”

Driving alone in the storm at night and entering the rapid currents to rescue Chen Feibai, those alone were sufficient to show just how brave Jiang Yao was, General Chen.

Chen Feitang, as a soldier herself, might not even exhibit the same traits.

“Youre exaggerating, General Chen.” Jiang Yao noticed Manager Sun waving at her from the distance and quickly came up with an excuse to leave the conversation.

She knew just how upset Chen Feitang was at her for having an enjoyable conversation with General Chen.

“Whats going on” Seeing Manager Suns nervous expression, Jiang Yao thought something was up.

“Well, uh, Ms.

Jiang…” Manager Sun scratched his head.

“You brought along your pet when you came to Rong County, right Is it still with you”

“Why” Manager Sun was referring to Moe.

After she arrived last night, Moe vanished and did not show up anymore.

Knowing that he was not a regular pet, Jiang Yao was not too worried since he was always missing at school.

She did not expect Manager Sun to come to her with this matter.

“Well, uh, Ms.

Jiang, I think I lost your pet!” He was at the brink of tears.

“On my way back to Nanjiang City last night, I noticed a white cat in my car.

Not sure when it came, but I recognized it as your pet.

What was its name, Moe Anyway, I wanted to bring it back here so I brought him home.

However, he disappeared this morning and I could not find him anywhere I looked.”

Manager Sun was extremely anxious.

He understood just how much a pet meant to its owner.

Moreover, this was his bosss cat! He was not sure what he could do to make up for his mistake.

Seeing Manager Suns worried state, Jiang Yao chuckled.

“Its fine.

That cat knows where home is.

He might have gone home.”

Perhaps Moe was bored of Rong County, that was why he chose to leave for Nanjiang City as soon as he could.

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