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Chapter 625: Well Deserved

With the Chen familys influence, it was not out of the ordinary to put both their son and daughter into the selection process.

No matter the outcome for Chen Feibai in the selection, his heroic deeds during the flood would definitely give his career a big boost.

General Chen understood this, that was why he smiled when Jiang Yao mentioned Chen Feibai as a hero.

As for Jiang Yao, she knew the difference between a dead or a living hero.

The former, although gallant and noble, meant nothing for the Chen family.

The latter, however, meant that Chen Feibais career was all but set.

Even though General Chen and Old General Liang were best buddies, they had completely different temperament and character.

Old General Liang was a genuinely kind and friendly person.

With both Grandmother Liang and him as the elders, the vibe in the Liang family was one of harmony and kinship.

While General Chens kindness depended on the person he was interacting with.

He was more of a strategist who knew how to manipulate relationships to get what he wanted.

He was also prideful, in this way Chen Feibai was very similar to his grandfather.

Under normal circumstances, General Chen did not like interacting with ordinary people, and would usually leave them alone.

He possessed an intense competitive edge, so did Chen Feibai.

One big reason why he was liked by his grandfather was that they shared too many similar personalities.

The difference between grandfather and grandson would be Chen Feibais inexperience.

He was not as gracious and was too straightforward at times, revealing things that General Chen would have kept to himself.

That being said, Jiang Yao could feel the authenticity of General Chens friendliness toward her.

Perhaps she was Lu Xingzhis wife, or maybe Old General Liang and his family treated her very well just like their own kin, that was why General Chen saw her like family too.

Jiang Yao and General Chen were busy chatting.

She knew what he wanted to hear and steered the conversation along that path.

It was a cordial interaction, fooling outsiders to think that they were indeed family, a grandfather talking to his granddaughter.

While the actual granddaughter of General Chen, Chen Feitang, stood aside with mixed feelings.

She needed to say something to interrupt their conversation, otherwise, General Chen might just forget the existence of both his grandchildren, one in the tent, one outside standing.

“Jiang Yao, where did you rescue Chen Feibai How did you do it” Chen Feitang asked, interrupting their exchange.

General Chen wanted to know too.

He thought the coincidence a little hard to believe.

The rescue helicopter spent the entire night searching to no avail.

And then Jiang Yao came in with the good news.

“Between the borders of Rong County and Jade River County.

I saw him in a river of the West River distributaries.” Jiang Yao smiled.

If she chose not to explain, Chen Feibai would mention the happenings to his family anyway.

There was no need for her to conceal the facts.

“I brought along professional equipment like an inflatable kayak and some high-strength ropes.

It was risky but fortunately, he came back safe.

To be honest, I was surprised at first to find out that it was Chen Feibai.

But then again, he is your grandson and deserves to be so.”

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