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Chapter 622: What Do You Know

“Sure, Ill be here waiting for Manager Sun.” Lu Yuqings gaze followed Jiang Yao as she ran out of the tent.

She then looked at where Jiang Yao had her eyes set on, and saw the towel she used to wipe her face with.

Lu Yuqing broke out into laughter after a few seconds and remarked, “Oh my little brother, a clumsy man, and a lady doctor, dont blame me for not doing anything if your wife decides to murder you tonight.”

She heard that most people in the medical profession were a little mysophobic.

Then again, even an ordinary lady like her could not have stand what Jiang Yao just went through.

Lu Yuqing was thrilled to think that her arrogant brother was in for a scolding tonight.


Jiang Yao was afraid that Lu Yuqing would notice her loss of composure and ran out of the tent at full speed.

She slowed down once she exited the tent.

The rain had stopped and the sun was out.

It was a good day, a sign for good things to come for Rong County.

Jiang Yao was surprised to see Huang Chengjing when she arrived at Shengqi hospitals tent.


Huang!” Jiang Yao approached Huang Chengjing, who was engaged in a conversation with one of the doctors.

“Fancy seeing you here!”

“We at the Hairun Group wanted to contribute to the relief efforts here too.” Huang Chengjing explained in smiles.

“I know we are not as early as the Changkang Group, but it is our contribution.

I came personally to supervise the delivery of supplies.”

A brief pause later, he added, “Oh, I heard that your sister came too.”

“Yes, she is here.” Jiang Yao broke into a grin.

“My husband too!”

“Oh, is that right” He sounded surprised, but his expression was of indifference.

He knew that Jiang Yao was pulling his leg, after all, she knew of his intentions for Lu Yuqing.


Lu! You know Mr.

Huang of Hairun Group” The doctor was surprised to find the two talking to each other as if they were old friends.

To ordinary people like him, Mr.

Huang of Hairun Group was a person straight from the elites of the society.

He thought he was extremely lucky to be able to interact with Huang Chengjing here.

What he did not know was that the female doctor who saved the heroic soldier, who was also Captain Lus wife, had good ties with Mr.


“You dont know her…” Huang Chengjing was surprised.

It seemed to him that the doctor did not know of Jiang Yaos actual identity.

“What about it” The doctor asked naively.

“I am from Nanjiang City.” Jiang Yao added, “Its no surprise that we know each other.”

Seeing that Jiang Yao refrained from revealing her position as Shengqi Hospitals owner, Huang Chengjing chose not to break her party.

Perhaps she came to do a little private tour.

Only a selected few from Shengqi Hospital, some of the higher-ups and a few people from human resources, had seen Jiang Yao and knew of her identity.

With so many departments, doctors and medical staff, plus Jiang Yaos low-profile character, it was normal for none of the staff who came to Rong County to recognize Jiang Yao.

While they were talking, a weak voice was heard from the inside of the tent.

“Come in, Jiang Yao.”

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