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Chapter 602: Act Accordingly

Yes, there would be a danger if she went into the water.

But that was only a possibility.

She could be safe.

Moreover, she was well prepared.

Rocks were used to jam her cars wheels, introducing more resistance and friction.

She also had professional-grade ropes and a kayak.

It was calculated, she was not going to jump into the action without any safety in place.

“You are insane!” Moe did not agree with Jiang Yaos decision.

“So be it.” Jiang Yao shrugged.

“Only if the Medical System was better, giving me the ability to walk on water with the Force Value, I would be in a much safer position now!”

“You fool of a human! Do you think the Medical System is omnipotent The Force Value can only give you the ability to protect yourself, not the ability to be as powerful as a superhero!” Moe rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao.

She chuckled, indeed it was quite unreasonable.

But she wanted to say it, what if there was a hidden power in the Force Value

The Medical System was still a mysterious existence.

What if there existed a hidden system, but she was barred from accessing it because of her lack of credentials Perhaps she could do the same and threaten the System Admin again.

Unfortunately, looking at Moe, it seemed highly unlikely such a thing existed.

Jiang Yao pouted and patted Moes head after making sure that the knots were tight.

“Look out for me, if the car is in danger of being swept away by the river, drive it forward.

I left the keys in the ignition and I trust your ability as a noble pet butler, it shouldnt be a problem for you!”

“The problem here is I absolutely do not know how to drive a car.” Moe rolled his eyes again.

Jiang Yao sighed.

It seemed like she overestimated Moe, a cat with human intelligence.

When she wanted him to be an ordinary pet, he was as intelligent as humans.

Yet, when she wanted him to function as a human, he was just a cat.

“Well, just look out for me, if things go south…” Jiang Yao sighed deeply, “Pull me up by the rope.

You should have the strength to do it.”

All she could do was to do her best, with her capabilities, to save the soldier.

Moe nodded, followed by a grunt, expressing his displease at Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao pushed the kayak closer to the water as she observed the person on the rock.

“Hey, comrade, hang on! Im coming to get you!” Jiang Yao cupped her hands around her mouth and hoped that it amplified her voice.

Unexpectedly, she saw him shook his head as he said in a weak voice, “Its dangerous, Jiang Yao, dont come here.”

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