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Chapter 60: The Childish Lu Xiaoxiao


Lu could guess Lu Xingzhis thoughts at the time.

He probably figured that he couldnt escape from these series of dating nightmares, so instead of fighting against his mother all the time, it was better to marry his mothers choice of daughter-in-law.

Perhaps Lu Xingzhi had even thought about ditching his wife at home with his parents and going to the base to have his own life.


Lu didnt even know how exactly Lu Xingzhi got to know Jiang Yao and when he had fallen for her.

Later, Lu Xingzhi used all the tricks up his sleeve to convince the lady to cancel their marriage arrangement and pleaded to his parents that he wanted to marry Jiang Yao very badly.

It was as if she was the only one he wanted to be with.

In the beginning, Mrs.

Lu didnt like Jiang Yao very much, particularly because of her young age.

She just turned eighteen, which was the legal age to obtain a marriage certificate.

Finally, she agreed to the marriage.

In addition to Lu Xingzhis perseverance, she liked Jiang Yao because she excelled academically.

As a teacher, Mrs.

Lu liked students with good grades.

Jiang Yao would one day become a college student, which meant she was on the same academic level as her son.

In this way, she was a better choice than the previous lady.

After Jiang Yao ended the call, she walked up the stairs.

When she was only halfway through, she encountered Lu Xiaoxiao, who suddenly jumped out to scare her.

“Haha, Sister, youre such a coward!” Lu Xiaoxiao giggled like a mischievous three-year-old brat as she looked at Jiang Yaos surprised and scared look.

She moved closer to Jiang Yao and poked her belly as she teased, “It hasnt even been a day yet since Xingzhi has gone back to the base and you miss him already You even want him to call you here!”

“What Cant I do that” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes in a fit of exasperation.

“How old are you Twenty Two Why are you so childish”

“I still managed to scare you, didnt I Its fun!” Lu Xiaoxiao curled her arm around Jiang Yaos and walked back to her room.

“Jiang Yao, tell me, how did you and Xingzhi know each other Im so curious about your affairs! I asked Xingzhi, but he didnt say anything.

By the way, you have to give me some credit for making your marriage successful.

Im one of your benefactors.”

“What credit What benefactor” Jiang Yao glanced curiously at Lu Xiaoxiao.

“Why dont I know anything about this”

“I wont say anything because I promised Xingzhi not to.

If you want to know so badly, just ask him.” Lu Xiaoxiao shrugged.

“I take my promise very seriously.

If he knows that Ive told you, hed definitely scold me.”

“Then, if you want to know about how your brother and I got to know each other, youd better ask him too.” Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows and chuckled.

She didnt even know how or when they had met, what could she possibly tell Lu Xiaoxiao

Jiang Yao was very curious as to what Lu Xiaoxiao meant by her credit and benefactor though.

However, if Lu Xiaoxiao insisted on keeping it a secret, she wouldnt get any answer from her.

Lu Haixing was away for five days, so Jiang Yao stayed with Lu Xiaoxiao in the county for five days.

When Lu Haixing returned home, he was over the moon when he knew about it.

Hence, he personally sent Jiang Yao home by car.

During dinner, Lu Haixing expressed how he was at ease as Jiang Yao was at his house to keep Lu Xiaoxiao company.

He didnt have to worry about her whereabouts when he wasnt around.


Lu chuckled at his remark and suggested that Lu Xiaoxiao stay with them in town whenever Lu Haixing was away in the future.

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