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Chapter 596: Altering the Outcome

Manager Sun immediately understood the reason for Jiang Yaos arrangement when he heard it was to be delivered to Rong County.

Without asking any questions, he took the job.

Fortunately, he knew a lot of people in Nanjiang City, otherwise, it would be a monumental task to gather all the needed equipment and supplies in such a short period of time.

After the phone calls, Jiang Yao stopped her car by the side of the road.

Why did she leave in the first place

With the Director and Manager Sun overseeing all aid efforts, she did not have to be there herself.

Everything was done on an impulse.

Right now, Lu Xingzhi was giving his all in the rescue efforts at Rong County.

She did not think much.

It was all done on a whim because she was afraid that he would not have sufficient food and water supplies, a tent to sleep in at night, and medicine if he fell sick.

She was also worried about the victims condition.

The victims affected might not survive for long for the lack of relief supplies.

At this exact moment, she finally knew what it felt like to be worried about the wellbeing of other people.

She was extremely anxious and kept praying for the casualties to be as minimal as possible.

Loss of property and money was fine as long as there was no loss of life.

And, the soldier that was swept away…

Jiang Yao rapped her head, she remembered reading the news report about this incident in her previous life.

According to the report, the soldier was found a week after his disappearance.

Unfortunately, he was already dead.

His body was found in a grisly condition due to being in the water for an extended period of time.

Jiang Yao racked her brain trying to recall the news report.

She remembered reading an analysis of the path taken by the soldier after he was swept away.

It was reported that the soldier was swept into the West River by the currents of the flood and his body passed through Jade River County, Ying County before his corpse was washed up in a small river near a small town in Longxi County.

It was also mentioned that the soldier, instead of drowning immediately after falling into the water, was an able swimmer and died of exhaustion after some time.

Jiang Yao sat up again and thought to herself, now that she recalled the routes, was it possible for her to find the soldier earlier by waiting along the path he was said to have passed by so that she could save him before he died of exhaustion

He was a national hero, a capable soldier!

Back then, his sacrifice touched the hearts of the people in the country.

Strangely enough, Jiang Yao could not recall the soldiers name, and it seemed like the news report did not mention his name anywhere at all.

Yet, it did say that his body was transported back to his hometown, Jindo City, to be buried.

Only his name did not appear at all.

Jiang Yao was very sure now that the nameless hero could not be Lu Xingzhi, because he was from the South, and not Jindo City!

Even though her rebirth changed Lu Xingzhis life drastically, some things did remain the same.

Such as the flood and the missing soldier.

Her presence might not alter the soldiers name, but she could try her best to change his fate!

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