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Chapter 591: Busy

Thursday was when the bidding would be held.

Jiang Yao did not attend, instead, Lu Yuqing and Manager Sun went on her behalf.

Manager Sun was currently the general manager for the Changkang Group and already had his business card, while Lu Yuqing was the groups financial controller and her business card was currently in print.

Jiang Yao chose not to attend not only because she was lazy and did not want to get too involved in her business operations, but also she did not want too much media attention on her.

She had rather her photograph not be printed on the front page of various newspapers and magazines, or gossips being published as breaking news.

She liked to earn her money under low-profile.

The result of the bidding would take some time to be released, but Jiang Yao was not concerned at all since she had Manager Suns assistance and Liang Yuezes connections to ensure the successful bidding of the land.

It was early Friday morning, except for Zhou Xiaoxia, the rest was not in a hurry to go to school as their classes would not begin until ten oclock.

“Lets go shopping this Saturday Perhaps we can have lunch together and buy some books from the largest bookstore in town.” Since Jiang Yao was also available, Lin Qiaoyu suggested, “Jiang Yao, you should come with us! We have not gone out together before!”

“Im not too sure.

If I have time Ill go, if not, maybe next time.” Jiang Yao dared not promise for she really had no idea how her schedule would turn out.

She had a lot of matters to attend to currently, therefore she was not sure if she would be needed somewhere suddenly on Saturday.

“You are really busy.” Chen Siyang looked at Jiang Yao with a solemn expression.

“Youre just a freshman here, what other responsibilities do you have Look at you, requesting for a leave of absence again this week.

There are already rumors circulating in the school talking about just how often youre skipping classes.”

Chen Siyang had no issues with Jiang Yao being a standout among them, she was worried that her friend would neglect her studies as a result.

Plenty of people were currently looking forward to Jiang Yaos finals result.

As the freshman representative, there was just too much attention on her.

Regardless of gender, there would always be people who were jealous of Jiang Yaos achievements.

Her mere presence in school was enough to dominate the spotlight.

Many of the students in the school were waiting to see her fail, even though they pretended to be friendly with her.

The doubters were initially only of a few, but recently more and more people were jumping on the bandwagon.

Perhaps the finals were only two months away, so everyone started focusing on Jiang Yao.

Or perhaps she was always absent from her lessons, giving an opportunity for a lot of the people silently observing her to judge and spread rumors.

However, they were only the minority.

Even then, Chen Siyang wanted Jiang Yao to stay the excellent student she was, then she did not have to worry about the rumors.

Plus, it was her honor to have Jiang Yao as her roommate.

Jiang Yao was racking her brain trying to come up with an explanation for Chen Siyang.

Since nobody believed her when she said she was the majority shareholder of Shengqi Hospital, perhaps they would think she was joking if she told them she was busy running her business.

Before she could think of a reason though, an announcement was heard from the dormitorys public address system.

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