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Chapter 59: She Has Grown Up

In the Lu family house in town.

After Mrs.

Lu hung up the phone, the worried expression on her face was replaced with an amused smile.

She walked toward her husband who was watching TV on the sofa and said, “Guess who called on the phone”

“Yuqing” Mr.

Lu replied nonchalantly.


Lu chuckled out loud at Mr.

Lus answer and uttered in a rather excited tone, “No! Its Jiang Yao! She called to ask if Xingzhi has called back home.

She even told me to let Xingzhi know, in case he calls, that shes at Haixings house for a couple of days, and to ask him to call her there.”


Lu continued delightedly, “Looks like theyve spent quality time together this time.

Not only did Jiang Yao send Xingzhi off at the airport, but shes also waiting on his call.

They look like a newlywed couple who cant stay apart.”

“Didnt I tell you earlier Jiang Yao is still young, shes only eighteen years old—what does she know about marriage At her age, all she would think about is study and friends.

When she grows older and more mature, shell eventually come to terms with marriage.

See She gets it now, doesnt she I saw that Xingzhi wanted to stick to her all day long during his stay and Jiang Yaos attitude towards him has also changed a lot.

They look very much like a loving couple now,” Mr.

Lu said with a smile, not surprised at all.

“The children have their own minds, let them mind their own business, dont interfere too much.”

“Yes, you know best!” Mrs.

Lu chided.

“I didnt know that you realized how young Jiang Yao is too.

If so, why didnt you stop Xingzhi when he expressed his intention of wanting to marry her Why did you let me be the bad parent”

“Dont you know your sons temperament Do you think that you can stop him I could see that Xingzhi had taken a liking to Jiang Yao.

Since we cant stop him from liking her, why would I have wanted to stop him Everything is awesome now, isnt it” Mr.

Lu turned off the TV and took the newspaper on the table.

He flipped through the newspaper and was ready to read it.


Lu huffed in exasperation.

She dashed toward him angrily and snatched the newspaper from his hands.

“Yes, you know your son best!” Mrs.

Lu snorted.

“At that time, I was a little reluctant because of Jiang Yaos young age.

Shes also the youngest in the family and everyone spoiled her rotten.

Before the wedding, Xingzhi was the only one handling the renovations and decorations for the room.

She didnt even come to take a peek once, as if she wasnt the bride.

How many times did Xingzhi return in the year after their wedding She always showed him a grumpy face.”

“Let bygones be bygones, whats the use in digging up old stories Xingzhi doesnt even mind, what are you worried about Anyway, Jiang Yao has come around, hasnt she” Mr.

Lu shook his head in dismay.

“Frankly, do you think Jiang Yao has our boy on a tight leash I think its the other way around.”


Lu chuckled in amusement.

“I know my son very well.

That boy is very sneaky, as sly as a fox.”


Lu laughed out loud.

She was actually proud of her son.

They didnt have to worry about his academic achievements since he was young.

She was a little anxious about Lu Xingzhis love life and she had even arranged a date for him.

However, the boy was not at all concerned.

He only met her once, told his mother that the girl was fine as long as his mother liked her, and hurried back to the base.

He didnt even come back for the marriage arrangements and proposal.

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