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Chapter 588: You are a Miracle

Even though he studied hard for his jewelry business and gained a lot of knowledge and experience from his mentors, there were still many times when he lost money.

Previously at an underground trade fair, for example, he bought a highly sought-after raw stone for over two hundred thousand.

Yet, he discovered that the stones actual value was a mere few thousand.

That incident became the talk of the industry for a while.

After all, you needed Lady Luck on your side to succeed in the business.

Even under the guidance of highly-experienced mentors who had decades of experience, he was not safe from unfortunate circumstances like this.

Jiang Yao, however, must have had luck and a hidden ability to determine the valuable stones, despite her random pickings.

“I have an extra request, Mr.


If anyone wants to know how the purchase turned out for you, just tell them that you bought it for decoration and had rather not open it.” Jiang Yao chuckled.

“We have got to keep a low profile.”

She did not want people to know that Zhu Qianlans trade fair contained any good stones this time round.

She wanted people to think that Zhu Qianlan was trying to con her customers by putting low-value raw stones in her trade fair.

“Understood.” Huang Chengjing recognized the reason behind Jiang Yaos reminder.

He did not think about her wanting to take revenge on Zhu Qianlan.

Instead, troubles might arise for Jiang Yao if news of her picking all the valuable raw stones without error was known.

Money was the root of all evil.

Perhaps, she might get kidnapped by malicious characters, wanting to use her to make more money.

Jiang Yao felt comfortable interacting with Huang Chengjing and told him she wanted his help to open some of her stones.

“We can discuss the price later.”

Huang Chengjings mind was currently in overdrive, he immediately agreed.

They concurred for Manager Sun to deliver some of the stones to Huang Chengjings warehouse the next day before he hung up the phone call and hurriedly entered the workshop.

It was already dark outside, but inside the workshop, it was bright as day.

The master craftsmans hands trembled in excitement.

Seeing Huang Chengjing, he immediately said, “Mr.

Huang! We got ourselves another quality stone! Its not as good as the previous ones, but it still has a wonderful color and a good working size.

We can make a pair of bracelets out of it, and the leftovers can be used to create some trinkets, like little earrings, rings, and breast pins.

If the jewelry is designed well, this will be good business!”

The master had no idea where Huang Chengjing procured these raw stones.


Huang, todays batch of raw stones are really high quality.

Even if the rest is awful, you are still a winner today!”

This success rate was unheard of in the industry.

Huang Chengjing was very excited to see if Jiang Yao would be the first person to achieve a one-hundred percent success rate in the industry.

Whatever it was, with her youthful age, she would be a highly sought after talent.

Compared to Huang Chengjings high emotions, Jiang Yao was much calmer.

She lay on the bed and managed to text Lu Xingzhi for a little while before entering the Medical System.

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