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Chapter 582: Ulterior Motives

Anyway, she was not his wife, Huang Chengjing had no business planting his nose into her affairs.

Jiang Yao found it troublesome to explain that she was actually very picky with her purchase even though it did not seem like it.

“Which two did you pick, Mr.

Huang As thanks for your help, I dont mind taking a look at what you chose.” Jiang Yao put Moe back into her backpack, seeing that he was fast asleep.

The employee approached her wanting to know where to deliver the purchased stones to.

Jiang Yao gave Manager Sun a call and asked him to bring it back for temporary storage in his house.

After all, she did not have a house in Nanjiang City yet and her dormitory was definitely off-limits.

Manager Suns house was a perfect choice since she trusted him.

She would have to buy a house soon though; storing it at Manager Suns house was only a temporary fix.

“Those two over there.” Huang Chengjing pointed in the direction and smiled.

“Did you just put your cat into your bag”

He did not expect Jiang Yaos help, but he still answered honestly when she asked.

Jiang Yao looked and saw the same stone she saw previously, the one with an extremely weak glow.

“The one on the left is no good!” Jiang Yao lowered her voice.

“Trust me, switch it with the second stone on the third row instead.”

The other piece was pretty decent.

If not for Jiang Yaos greed, buying the top six most valuable stones away, it was still rather impressive that Huang Chengjing was able to choose a rather good stone among the ones left.

An evil thought suddenly popped up in Jiang Yaos mind.

She dragged Huang Chengjing to a quiet corner and said, “Lets make a deal.”

Huang Chengjing was surprised to see Jiang Yaos smile.

“I think I know what you are up to.

You are thinking of some devilish idea, arent you”

“Heheheheh!” Jiang Yao nodded.

Indeed, she had ulterior motives.

“Ill choose the stones for you, but you have to quit the contest and open the stones back at your own company.

You cannot open any stones here.”

Jiang Yao thought it was a brilliant idea.

Both Huang Chengjing and her would leave with the most valuable stones and leave the ordinary ones behind.

The rest of the customers would either earn a little profit, if they were fortunate, or rack up a huge loss.

That would damage the Zhu familys reputation since nobody was able to get a good stone out of their trade fair.

As an old saying went, never cross a woman, especially one who would take vengeance at all cost.

Zhu Qianlan deserved it!

So what if her assistant gave a discount It did not matter, Jiang Yao was rich.

Lu Xingzhi told her before that she should always take what was rightfully hers and go after people who wronged her.

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