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Chapter 579: Just Kidding

Overlooking his connections to Jiang Yao and Lu Yuqing, by virtue of Jiang Yaos status as Lu Xingzhis wife, Huang Chengjing knew he would suffer Lu Xingzhis wrath if he could not protect her from harm, since he was the one who brought her to the fair.

He understood just how protective Lu Xingzhi was of his wife.

The Zhang family and the Qi family were perfect examples to illustrate the point.

That was why he stood in front of Jiang Yao and shielded her from Zhu Qianlan.

He reprimanded the lady, “I dont know what she did to anger you, Ms.


He then turned toward Jiang Yao and asked, “What happened”

“She came onto me out of the blue saying that she was the owner here and that she was not going to sell anything to me.” Jiang Yao was mad too.

However, there was nothing she could do if Zhu Qianlan insisted on her position.

Fine, if Zhu Qianlan did not want to sell the mineral stones to her, Jiang Yao would tell the crowd what stones not to buy, crashing Zhu Qianlans business.

Huang Chengjings expression darkened.


Zhu, dont you think you are being unreasonable here Even though the Zhu family is the host, you have always done business justly, when did you start choosing your customers”

He continued, with anger bubbling in his heart, “So, you are saying that the friend I brought is not good enough for you Fine! Let me make it clear, if you, Zhu Qianlan, look down on my friend, I take that as an attack on me.

I will leave immediately, and there will be no more cooperation between the Golden Phoenix and the Zhu family!”

The Zhu family was nothing more than a newcomer in Nanjiang Citys market.

However, the Huang family was the citys prominent family.

After Huang Chengjing made his point clear, the person that informed him previously of the altercation spoke up as well.

“I have good relations with Mr.


Any attack on him is an attack on me.

If thats the case, we, the Baige Jewellers, will stop all business dealings with the Zhu family immediately!”

Plenty of people present knew Huang Chengjing very well.

After seeing Huang Chengjing and the owner of Baige Jewellers making their stance, many stood up as well.

Raw stones could be bought anywhere, there were many more businesses selling the stones, not just the Zhu family.

Yet, the opportunity to get on the good side of Huang Chengjing was once-in-a-lifetime.

Zhu Qianlan stood rigid, her chest heaving violently.

Huang Chengjing! How dare he!

After all she had done for him She helped him so much after knowing that he wanted to enter the industry.

She did not expect Huang Chengjing to be on Jiang Yaos side when started the quarrel.

Just because of Jiang Yao, Huang Chengjing was willing to forgo the Zhu familys supply of raw stones.

She also did not expect so many people to stand up in solidarity with Huang Chengjing.

Even though the Zhu family was very well-established in the industry, they were not based in Nanjiang City.

They only started building their business here a few years ago.

They had a lot of hope on the market here, that was why they sent their daughter, Zhu Qianlan, over to manage their business here at Nanjiang City.

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