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Chapter 576: Pet

Jiang Yao immediately shook her head.

“This is her matter.

If you want to know, you should go and talk to her instead.

If she doesnt tell you, it means that she doesnt want you to know.

We are not here today to chat.”

She knew better than to talk about Lu Yuqings private matters.

On one side was a very popular widower with a child, while on the other was a divorced woman with her own charms.

Even though Jiang Yao wanted Lu Yuqing to move on from her previous marriage, she could not just pair her up with people randomly.

It was clear from Jiang Yao that Huang Chengjing needed to approach Lu Yuqing directly if he wanted to go after her.

He got the message and switched topics.

Ever since they entered the fair, Jiang Yao had been using her x-ray vision, observing the raw stones while still talking to Huang Chengjing.

According to the System Admin, the brighter it glowed, the higher its value.

With her x-ray vision, Jiang Yao was able to see clearly the insides of the stones.

Moe was cooped up in her backpack the entire morning.

Now, she took him out of her bag and woke him up.

“You brought a pet here!” Huang Chengjing thought Jiang Yao was looking for some tools like a flashlight or perhaps a magnifying glass but instead saw her taking out a little white cat from within.

The cat was extremely tiny, like a newborn kitten, and was no bigger than the palm of an adult male.

Although, Huang Chengjing found it adorable and quite well-behaved.

“Yes, I had him in school! I was afraid he would suffocate after spending the entire day in my bag, thats why I took him out for some fresh air.” Jiang Yao continued, “Lets split up here, Ill give you a call when Im done.”

“Im going to sign myself up for the contest, do you want to join” Huang Chengjing had his assistant and an experienced craftsman with him today to purchase some raw stones.

Since they were going to buy anyway, joining the contest might give them a chance to grab an extra stone.

“Im fine, thanks.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

She came here prepared, with Moe and her own x-ray vision, she was going to leave the venue with their most valuable stones without having them opened and priced.

Otherwise, with her young age and inexperience, it would not bode well with others if she were the biggest winner that night.

She needed the money, but she had to earn it quietly and out of sight.

After getting hold of the stones, she could then ask either Huang Chengjing or Lu Xingzhi to help arrange for experts to come in and open them.

Huang Chengjing nodded, presuming that Jiang Yao was here only to check out the fair, and went his own way.

Once Huang Chengjing was away from earshot, Jiang Yao woke up Moe, who was sleeping on her palm, and said, “Look around and see which ones are the most valuable here in the trade fair.

Im planning to make a lot of money here, and I need your help.

Ill buy you a new toy in return.”

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