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Chapter 574: The Owner

Jiang Yao did not notice the plants along the side of the road but she was very sure of just how bad the road condition was.

If she were to build the factory here, she would have to spend a considerable amount of money and effort to pave an actual road so that trucks and heavy pieces of machinery could arrive in ease.

“Lets go for the suburbs.

If we cannot get it from the tendering process, well only consider the countryside.” By virtue of investment, the plot of land in the suburbs would be a lot more valuable in the future.

Nanjiang City was poised to develop into a Tier-One City ten years later.

The suburbs were divided into different administrative areas and was included in Nanjiang Citys plan of development.

After deciding on the site, the gang left the countryside.

Since Jiang Yao was going to the stone betting fair in the afternoon with Huang Chengjing, she did not return to campus.

After knowing that Lu Yuqing did not intend on going, Jiang Yao met up with Huang Chengjing after lunch.

Compared to the Purple Orchid Garden in Jindo City, the stone betting fair in Nanjiang City was of a much smaller scale.

The venue was set in the courtyard with shut doors at the end of Jewel Street.

She was curious to know what the business of this place was, apparently it was a small place to trade raw stones.

The event started in the morning, but still had plenty of people in the afternoon.

Jiang Yao and Huang Chengjing saw a few familiar faces from the night of Golden Phoenixs opening gala upon entering.

“This fair is the business of the Zhu family.

They have always been in the business and has a jewelry company here in Nanjiang City, a private mine abroad and since the two years they have been here in Nanjiang City, they would organize a few stone betting fairs each year.”

Huang Chengjing started introducing, “Its a little different here.

Each stone has a marked price instead.

Although, there is an interesting contest going on.”

“What is it” Jiang Yao was very interested.

“You can use either your own name or your companys name to buy five pieces of raw stones and have it opened and priced right here.

The individual with the highest difference between the estimated price given and the price of the purchased raw stone can take another piece of raw stone away free of charge,” said Huang Chengjing.

“Since you want to enter the industry, you should talk to some people and widen your network, perhaps it may help you in the future.”

As they were talking, a woman in a bright yellow dress approached them in high heels.

Her smile was as pretty as the flowers when she saw Huang Chengjing.


Huang, Ive heard of the opening of your company.

Not seeing you here in the morning, I thought you are not going to come because of me.

If that were the case, I would have to visit you and apologize personally.”

Even with makeup on, she looked at most thirty years old and had a wonderful hourglass figure.

The faint perfume scent on her only served to enhance her attractiveness.

Jiang Yao remembered smelling the exact same perfume on Liang Yuekais wife.

Even though she knew nothing about perfumes and cosmetics, she was sure that a perfume used by Liang Yuezes sister-in-law was indeed an upscale product.

“This is Ms.

Zhu, the owner of this venue,” Huang Chengjing introduced.

Compared to Zhu Qianlans enthusiasm, he was a little cold in his reaction.

“This is my friend, Jiang Yao.”

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