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Chapter 571: Overseas



Holding the car keys in his hand, Cheng Jinyan got out of his car and was just about to enter the cafe.

“Fancy seeing you here.”

After greeting her, he noticed a man, tall and well-built but with a cold expression, standing next to Jiang Yao.

“Your husband”

“No.” Jiang Yao thought it was unnecessary for him, whom she had only met once, to know more.

Some pleasantries later, they were on their way, with Jiang Yao on the wheels of the car.

“Who is that man” Liang Yueze asked.

“He looked at you in a weird way.”

“Cheng Jinyan, the business partner of Huang Chengjings, who is also the general manager of Hairun Group, new venture.” Jiang Yao grinned.

“You are indeed a graduate of the military academy, Brother Liang! Your observation skills were amazing! He thinks that I look similar to a person he knows.”

Liang Yueze exclaimed, “Does that person happen to be Sun Xiaoshan”

Jiang Yao was startled.

She immediately looked at Liang Yueze and asked astonishedly, “You know her”

“I dont, but Ive heard Haoyu mention it previously.

He had seen her before.” Liang Yueze furrowed his brows.

“The first time Haoyu saw you, he told me that you looked just like a Sun Xiaoshan and thought you were related to each other.”

“Does Xingzhi know about her” Jiang Yao asked.

“Why would he” It was not after Liang Yueze asked that he realized Jiang Yaos intention.

He grinned and said, “Arent you familiar with how Xingzhi treats you Are all women the same, always overthinking”

“What do you mean, huh Watch your mouth, Brother Liang, in case Ruoran hears it and gets mad at you when you return home.” Jiang Yao thought that it was a dumb question after all.

She should not have doubted Lu Xingzhis love and commitment toward her.

“Shes abroad now with Haoyu.” Liang Yueze snickered.

“You know what, you should tell her, if she would come back and be mad at me, that would be perfect.”

Listening to Liang Yueze, Jiang Yao felt a sudden drop of temperature around them, so she did the wisest thing she could and kept her mouth shut.

It seemed like Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran were currently not on speaking terms.

With the assets transferred, Jiang Yao applied for and received the one and a half thousand million of loan from the bank two days later.

Adding some of her own assets and the cash wired to her by Lu Xingzhi, the money was definitely sufficient to sustain the initial operations of both ventures.

After that, Manager Sun was tasked with setting up the companies.

Things such as registering the company, choosing locations and etcetera were entrusted to Manager Sun while Jiang Yao stayed in school and focused her attention fully on classes, for at least a few days.

In between, she received news from Manager Sun saying that Mr.

Feng wanted to meet with her.

Jiang Yao knew immediately what Mr.

Fengs intention was and declined.

It was Friday afternoon.

After her class, Jiang Yao went to Chancellor Wens office.

There was someone else when she arrived.

Seeing that they were in a conversation, Jiang Yao waited outside his office and only entered when the visitor had left.

“Have a seat.

Whats going on” Chancellor Wen poured Jiang Yao a glass of water and rubbed his eyebrows.

Obviously, the previous visitor did not come bringing good news.

“I would like you, Chancellor Wen, to recommend to me people doing medical research.

Im setting up a research lab and am looking for researchers.

Thinking that perhaps you know people, I came asking for your help.”

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