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Chapter 569: No Difference

Jiang Yao had no idea if Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran were just as quiet in private as they were out in public.

Lu Xingzhi could be a chatterbox when he was together with her, unlike the impression of a cold, stoic Hades Lu in other peoples minds.

Aside from his chatty nature, Lu Xingzhi was also extremely clingy when Jiang Yao was around.

Thinking of Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao grinned.

Liang Yueze looked at the silly lady sitting across him smiling for no reason and asked, “Whats so funny”

“Nothing much.

I just thought of Lu Xingzhi and couldnt help but smile.” Jiang Yao swiftly eased her expression, although it did nothing much to hide the excitement in her eyes.

“I am a little curious though, are you and Ruoran just as quiet when you are by yourselves”

“Why Did she tell you something” Liang Yueze guessed.

After all, Luo Ruoran and Jiang Yao shared a good relationship.

They had many things to talk about whenever they were together.

“Not at all.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

“Both Weiqi and Xuyao said that you and Xingzhi share the same temperament, although I feel that there are still some differences between you two.”

“Whats not the same” Liang Yueze had always thought they were very similar, or more honestly, they were as bad as they could get.

They were similarly very egotistical, quiet, and prideful men.

“Xingzhi is a changed man when hes with me.

Brother Liang, you are still the same in front of Ruoran!” Jiang Yao laughed.

Seeing Liang Yuezes darkening expression, she swiftly changed the topic and said, “Xingzhi is very much into stock trading, are you and the rest involved too”

“Yes.” Luo Ruoran must have complained to Jiang Yao before.

Otherwise, Jiang Yao would not have mentioned it just now.

Only thing was that Liang Yueze had no idea what the complaints were.

He wanted to know but was not sure how to go about asking it.

“I didnt know he has the time to follow the market since hes always busy in the platoon.” Lu Xingzhi rarely looked at news relating to stocks and financial markets at home, observed Jiang Yao.

Even though there were a few books on finance lying around, there were way more military books in the study.

It was obvious that Lu Xingzhi preferred military over commerce.

“He doesnt need to do much since he invests in the long-term,” answered Liang Yueze.

Jiang Yao nodded.

The question did not come out of the blue.

Instead, she was reminded of an extremely important matter after seeing stocks in Lu Xingzhis assets.

This years market had a few extremely volatile stocks, rising and dropping erratically.

Many families and lives were destroyed as a result.

Even her teacher was heavily in debt.

In the end, he could not handle the immense stress and ended his life by jumping off a building.

He was the exact same teacher Jiang Yao met today to apply for her leave of absence, an exceptional educator who looked non the part of a gambler.

Jiang Yao remembered the incident clearly because the university was heavily affected by the teachers suicide.

After the tragedy, all faculties were banned from stock trading.

The various newspaper outlets of Nanjiang City had their hands full reporting the continuous incidents of suicide due to the stock market.

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