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Chapter 562: Competition Brings Improvement

She would establish a profitable jewelry company and invest the money earned in the research lab.

A perfect solution!

With the research labs operation cost covered by the jewelry company, the profits of the pharmaceutical manufacturing company would not be affected.

For Jiang Yao, it was one less thing to worry about.

Since Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao wanted to join the pharmaceutical manufacturing company as shareholders, separating the finances of the company and the research lab would make operations easier on both sides.

“I think youre going to regret telling me so much, Mr.

Huang.” Jiang Yao winked at Huang Chengjing.

“Im really interested in the industry and now I have the intention of setting up a jewelry company.

Your generosity may have created new competition.”

Jiang Yao felt she had the upper hand if she wanted in on the business since she had x-ray vision.

What was a gamble to the rest, felt more like shopping to Jiang Yao.

She could pick and choose the best stones to purchase, just like how she would when doing groceries.

After listening to Huang Chengjings analysis, Jiang Yao realized that she could increase the profit margin just by opening the stones in-house instead of sending it to a third-party.

“Are you serious” Huang Chengjing was speechless.

He looked at Jiang Yao with a surprised expression, trying to find any evidence on her face telling him that she was just joking.

Unfortunately, the young lady nodded seriously.

After returning to his senses, Huang Chengjing asked, “I heard that you are also starting a pharmaceutical manufacturing business and a research lab, arent you afraid that you wont be able to handle everything at the same time”

“You have no trouble managing a massive corporation like Hairun Group, what more for me, whos only running a couple of small enterprises,” Jiang Yao retorted.

A few seconds later, Huang Chengjing broke into laughter.

“Im amazed! Every business has its own competition, there are many more companies out there doing the same thing.

If you decide to enter the industry, well compete among ourselves and bring each other up.

If theres an opportunity for cooperation, even better!”

As the general manager of Hairun Group, Huang Chengjing understood the bigger picture of things.

In truth, he was interested in the development of events.

With the Huang familys relationship to Jiang Yao, he did not expect both Golden Phoenix and Jiang Yaos company to become terrible competitors.

He liked the fact that he would have a competitor of the same caliber.

The competition was what brought improvement.

Instead, he hoped that Jiang Yao would not disappoint him.

After arranging to go to the stone betting fair that weekend with Huang Chengjing, Jiang Yao left looking for Lu Yuqing.

They left half an hour early before the gala was supposed to end.

Headed straight to Lu Yuqings hotel, Jiang Yao received a call from Manager Sun on her way.

She had him wait for them at the hotel.

When they arrived, Manager Sun was already waiting at the hotel lobby.

He reeked of alcohol, obviously having just come from a social event.


Jiang, I came right after a dinner with the people at the bank.” Manager Sun noticed the presence of a third person and quickly wrapped up his talk.

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